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NATO Savages Attempt Terror Panic with Car Bombs and Landmines

NATO terrorists are spreading terror panic in respond to their military losses

NATO armed savages have responded to the recent military victories of the SAA with attempting to spread terror panic among joyful Syrians. On Tuesday 25 February, car bombs were detonated in two areas of Damascus, and a buried landmine was detonated in Aleppo. Three civilians were murdered, two were injured, at least one critically.

Two workers of the New Aleppo Services Department were murdered by a landmine explosion at the al Lairamoun roundabout on the outskirts of Aleppo. Landmines planted by the various factions of al Qaeda continue to plague Syria. To date, the MoU signed by UNMAS in Damascus almost two years ago has gone no further than Director Agnes Marcaillou reporting her meticulous census on landmine deaths and dismemberment at special UN meetings on Syria.

A Syrian child whose hand was blown off by a landmine, tests a smart prosthetic. [Archive]

Terror panic was attempted in Damascus when savages murdered one civilian and injured another after the cowards detonated the IED they planted in a car near the Tishreen Stadium in Damascus. The injured person was rushed to al Mujtahid Hospital — a real one — in critical condition.

The NATO savages also attempted to murder journalist Nabil Khaddor on Tuesday. The criminals detonated an IED planted in his vehicle, while he was driving near the end of the tunnel at Omayyad Square in Damascus.

Minister of Information, Imad Sarah went to the hospital to inquire about Khaddour’s status, and told the press that “The national media has always been a target for terrorism which tries today to spoil the joy of Syrians for the victories achieved by the army against terrorism.”

At this time, the Committee to Protect Journalists has not mentioned the assassination attempt against Khaddour; at this time, the CPJ continues to be unaware of the serious injury sustained by Syrian journalist Wafaa Shabrouni, in Idlib on 29 January, or that she was stabilized and flown to Moscow for treatment after she was stabilized.

As Syria News has previously published photo tutorials demonstrating the Hollywood creation of drama shown in White Helmets fake rescue scenes, the author takes this unfortunate situation to explain how this is what trauma care looks like without the enhancements, without the sadistic application of western classical art:

Spinal precautions are in place. He is receiving a blood transfusion (O negative in emergency situations), wide opened. The tallest person in the ER is functioning as a human IV pole. The woman in green scrubs in the corner is likely a professional nurse, about to be yelled at by a physician demanding to know where the medication is (her right hand. She can’t get near the patient.). The ginger has the best news; she is holding a pulsox which shows Khaddor’s oxygen saturation at 95%, and his heart rate at 93. Both are essential vital signs which mean oxygen is perfusing throughout his body and he is neither bleeding out nor bottoming out.

There is nothing eye-appealing in real-life trauma, contrary to the pimping of anti-Syria emotional propaganda seen in the various choreographed rescue scenes in White Helmets propaganda disseminated by NATO stenographer journalists.

Syrian journalist Nabil Khaddour being stabilized in a hospital emergency room after terrorists detonated his car while he was driving.

Terror panic will not succeed; every inch of Syria will be liberated.

Miri Wood

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