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NATO Klan in UN Frothing over Turkish Al Qaeda Losses in Syria

Syrian Ambassador Jaafari addressing the supremacists at the UNSC

The NATO Klan of the UN have begun to froth at the mouth over Turkish and al Qaeda losses in Syria, as the SAA continues to liberate every inch. The elite coterie held its seventh anti-Syria diatribe in twenty-seven days. This time, the clique’s near apoplexy used a slight decrease in [illicit] cross-border corridors provided in UNSCR 2504 (2020) as cover for rage over Syria’s resistance against neo-colonial designs.

Another anti-Syria meeting likely soon, as madman Erdogan called NATO SG & US security advisor to cry about the indignity of SAA killing Erdogan regime soldiers in Syria.

Assistant Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Deputy Emergency Relief Coordinator Ursula Mueller was first to address the UNSCR. Mueller — who, in October 2019, poo-pooed Turkey’s war crimes of bombing the Alouk Power Plant in Hasaka, twice — somehow missed that Erdogan regime occupation forces cut off this potable water supply on 24 February.

Utilizing the Lowcock Motif of Hearing Voices — initiated by Mueller’s superior on 22 February 2018, who reported to the SC from on the ground in Geneva, the voices of al Qaeda in Ghouta — the Deputy claimed to hear voices of 14 Syrian women, all of whom are magical humanitarian workers.

It would appear that everything about that video link — including miraculous telecommunications — was pure magic: Finding 14 women in al Qaeda occupied regions of Syria who are humanitarian workers; 14 women available to have a group chat through time zone changes and in between non-stop humanitarian work, and much fleeing and displacing including with their families; some in northern Aleppo which had been liberated from al Qaeda prior to the group chat.

Quite disturbing is yet another chilling inference of Mengele Medicine being employed in al Qaeda occupied areas of the Syrian Arab Republic. Mueller claimed one of her voices is that of a midwife who claims that Syrian women “are asking her for caesarian deliveries” because of all the fleeing and displacing stuff.

Midwives are not allowed to perform surgery.

War crimes of bombing power plants & depriving civilians of drinking water have no relevance in the UN NATO klan hysteria to save al Qaeda in Syria. Mueller’s fixation on Tal Abyad for ‘cross-border’ deliveries — supported by the NATO gang — is likely because the Erdogan regime has occupied this area of Syria since October.

Mueller added OCHA’s amazing new figures of persons displaced since December. Somehow they increased by more than forty-eight thousand in a period of eleven days, an increase made even more fantastic when one grasps that it is impossible to take a census when people do not stay still (the closest to an accurate, partial head count would be via the numbers of terrorists and their families put on green buses from Aleppo, Wadi Barada, and Douma).

NATO stenographer journalists did not question the abrupt increase in fantastic stats, nor did they question the contradictions among Mueller and various anti-Syria, NATO NGOs on reputed bombings of alleged hospitals in Idlib. Mueller stated “Idlib Central Hospital” was bombed, with “multiple casualties.” The French intelligence service known as MSF to Newsweek that “Idlib Central Hospital” had a nearby bombing. UOSSM claimed it was, and that three nurses and one physician were injured. One month ago, SOHR claimed to have seen a report from SAMS that al Qaeda’s HTS faction had taken over the “Idlib Central Hospital” forcing SAMS to leave.

MSF, UOSSM, and SAMS are all illegals in Syria. All claim to work ‘with’ or ‘in’ the “Idlib Central Hospital,” yet they do not bother to share the same emotional war porn story.

The NATO tripartite P3 aggressors, the NATO temporary SC members, and the NATO House Servants, took turns repeating what Mueller said. One after the other, the gang wept their monotonous crocodile tears over the humanitarian crisis that did not exist until they sent weapons and their criminally insane into Syria, a humanitarian crisis exacerbated by the draconian and illicit ‘sanctions;’ demanded Syria cease eradicating al Qaeda terrorists from the homeland, A small voice of slight dissent from the echolalia came from Diani Jimesha Prince, Representative of Saint Vincent and The Grenadines. Diplomat Prince suggested that countries that have imposed “unilateral sanctions” on the SAR should consider dialogue.

NATO elites hold pre-SC meeting to discuss ongoing imperial plans against Syria.
No shame.

Ambassador Bashar al Jaafari addressed the Security Council with his standard fearlessness. He reminded all that Syrians are patient people, that it took 400 hundred years to get rid of the Ottoman occupiers. He noted that the unprecedented terrorist project against his country continues to be supported by those who wish to turn the Security Council into a platform of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in support of ally Turkey’s military, criminal, aggression against his country.

Syria stresses once again its categorical rejection of any Turkish or foreign illegitimate presence on its lands and calls for reining the Turkish hostile acts and its support to terrorism in Syria,

The Syrian diplomat corrected the NATO klan’s lies of commission, and of omission. His full statement to the Council and his reply to Erdoganstan’s ambassador, follow.

Assad addressing Erdogan from Idlib: ‘You are a slave, you don’t decide, you only receive orders’:

syria every inch Assad
Syria President Dr. Bashar al-Assad: “Every inch of Syria will be liberated”

Postscript: NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg issued the following tweet in support of Turkey’s war crimes in Syria. Though Norway — along with all NATO countries — is a signatory to the Geneva/ICRC agreements, Stoltenberg seems to have missed the part that prohibits any country from military aggression against another country.

NATO SG condemns Syria for defending itself within its borders, from war criminal aggression by Turkey, which has illegally invaded Syria.
For Stoltenberg & other NATO imperialists, hyperlinked is the PDF of the Geneva Conventions.

Miri Wood

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    “Hasaka City Council put 6 wells into service to provide drinking water to Hasaka city after the mercenaries of the #Turkish backed forces continued to cut off drinking water from Hasaka city and the surrounding residential neighborhoods for the 6-day in a row.” 29 Feb.


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