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NATO Erdogan Terrorists and NATO US-SDF Terrorists Bomb Each Other in Afrin, Syria

Kurdish NATO SDF bomb Afrin

NATO terrorists of the Turkish madman Erdogan and NATO US owned Kurdish SDF terrorists engaged in a firefight in Afrin, which is in Syria, which is not part of Turkey nor part of the United States, using rockets and heavy artillery, on Saturday, 12 June. Twenty-two Syrians are reported to have been slaughtered, and dozens more injured.

Media sources loyal to NATO madman Erdogan initially reported small numbers of dead, and claimed most were members of the stethoscope-less, CPR-less, White Helmets; a not-dead one is seen meandering through some rubble, in the featured image.

These organ trading, terrorist, looters were founded by British intelligence, and are funded by the CIA via its ‘humanitarian branch,’ USAID, the State Department, and the UK’s Foreign Office. As such they are not ‘civilians.’

A source loyal to NATO US’s armed SDF terrorists claimed these traitorous separatists denied involvement, despite these NATO-armed terrorists having had control of Afrin until NATO-armed Erdogan terrorists took control of this town in Aleppo governate, in 2018.

Kurdish NATO SDF bomb Afrin
Whatever this building was, note the right wall has an impressive history of being used for target practice.

To better grasp the western supremacist attempt to destroy the Syrian Arab Republic claimed a hospital had been bombed, sources loyal to NATO Erdogan terrorists and sources loyal to NATO US cannon fodder SDF, all citing NATO UK housed SOHR — run by a thrice convicted felon, who jumped bail in Syria to avoid his fourth and likely what would have been his final criminal trial.

NATO imperialism, with the assistance of its stenographers, has legitimized both Turkey’s invasion and occupation of parts of Syria, and the illegitimate ‘right’ of the US-armed separatist Kurds/SDF to also carve out a chunk of the S.A.R.

The photograph immediately below is similar to countless, previous photos of buildings claimed to have been hospitals. It seems to have been laterally fired upon — somehow — and somehow also shows a completely intact right angle of the external wall, and shows various intact, but messy-looking tables, inside.

Kurdish SDF bomb Afrin

This will pose a bit of a dilemma for the NATO klan at the UN, as the tripartite aggressors support Turkey in all of its atrocities against Syria, and simultaneously support the SDF in all of its atrocities against Syria. There may also be a bit of a problem given the UN only holds meetings to condemn the bombings of unhospitals to blame Syria, and is deaf, dumb, blind when the terrorists the klan supports turn to rubble actual hospitals.

It has also caused Reuters and the Washington Post to do some serious fence-sitting in their reports.

NATO media reporting on Afrin bombings

The Lebanese-based Al Mayadeen news outlet has just reported the death toll at 22, with 33 injured.

The video is also on YouTube and Bitchute.

On 8 June, a car was blown up in Afrin, two days after three criminal Turkish soldiers were killed, also in Afrin.

NATO terrorists fight NATO terrorists in Syria, deliberately destroying Syrian infrastructure, and slaughtering Syrian civilians.

NATO has normalized even its fratricidal tendencies, throughout the western supremacist world.

Miri Wood

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    These Kurdish terrorists and their friends in Al Qaeda are playing a dangerous role together for the same employer, it’s great you keep reminding that they all work for NATO, the evilest terrorist alliance of countries of fake democracies in the world.


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