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NATO Erdogan Kills NATO Kurdish SDF Commanders in Hasakah

NATO Turkish Erdogan Kills NATO Kurdish SDF Commanders with a Drone in Northern Syria

The Turkish madman Erdogan killed three commanders of the NATO-sponsored Kurdish SDF separatist organization and injured a fourth in a drone bombing targeting their car in the northeastern Syrian Hasakah province.

Kurdish media propaganda agency ANHA News aired a statement yesterday, 20 June 2023, by the so-called ‘Jazira Region Council’ of the Kurdish SDF separatists stating that the Turkish drone bombing of the vehicle killed three of their commanders and injured a fourth.

The above-mentioned statement named the killed Kurdish SDF separatist officials as Yusra Darwish, the so-called ‘Joint President for the City of Qamishli’, her deputy Liman Shouesh, and their driver, in addition to injuring Gabi Shamoun, another ‘Joint President for the City of Qamishli’.

The bombing took place on the Qamishli – Malikiyah Road near the village of Tal Shaeer, 15 kilometers to the east of Qamishli city in Hasakah province the furthest northeast of Syria.

NATO fratricide is common, especially in northern Syria where different forces of the NATO ‘defensive’ alliance fight with each other over bounties and spoils of war, and more importantly over dividing Syria especially the region where Syria’s main oil and gas fields are and which also happens to be the food basket region of the country.

The USA and its other European colleagues of the NATO ‘defensive’ alliance sponsor the Kurdish SDF separatists and the Al Qaeda offshoot ISIS terrorists in northeastern, central, and southern Syria.

On the other hand, the regime of the Turkish madman Erdogan and the Gulfies, now only Qatar (pronounced Gutter) and Kuwait are left, sponsor a plethora of Al Qaeda terrorist groups in northern Syria with their stronghold in Idlib province.

None of the above-mentioned NATO forces including the armies of the USA, UK, France, Denmark, Belgium, and others of the ‘defensive’ alliance, the Turkish Army, and their assorted terrorist group has any legal justification to operate in Syria let alone occupy parts of the Syrian Arab Republic, an establishing member of the United Nations.

Unlike the case of Ukraine, the NATO ‘defensive’ alliance doesn’t seem to care about Syria’s sovereignty, its territorial integrity, and its independence, as long as they are the ones breaching the country’s sovereignty, occupying its land and plundering its resources, in essence, that’s what the USA and its cronies call the ‘Rules-based international order’ in contrast with International Law which the international community agreed upon and was enshrined in the United Nations Charter.

Furthermore, the USA and its European and Turkish cronies, affirm their respect for Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity in every single document issued by the United Nations despite their actions otherwise, the double-faced Nazi Zionist policies that sparked all the wars and conflicts over the past 120 years across the globe.

While we, Syrians, do not mind that the different forces of the NATO ‘defensive’ alliance fight each other and eliminate each other, we strongly condemn that such fighting is taking place in our country, none of them were invited to, including the commanders of the Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists who mainly hail from the Qandil mountains in northern Iraq.

Arabi Souri contributed to the post.

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