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NATO Armed Terrorists Bomb Aleppo Neighborhood; Murder 4, Injure 7

NATO terrorists bomb residential neighborhoods in Aleppo

The Syrian Arab Army is on the verge of liberating the strategic city of Saraqib in Idlib governate. In response, the criminally insane degenerates fueled by Captagon, and armed by NATO, fired rockets into another residential neighborhood. Four civilians were murdered, seven others injured, some seriously, and several homes were damaged.

The demons used rocket grenades to target Hamdaniya, in Aleppo.

NATO terrorists bomb residential neighborhoods in Aleppo killing 4 civilians
NATO terrorists bomb residential neighborhoods in Aleppo killing 4 civilians

NATO stenographers are currently busy directing traffic to the petty theatrics of the bipartisan warmongers faking enmity post swamp-huffing Trump’s SOTU speech. His detractors managed to cheer along with his supporters over his colonial appointment of a Venezuelan traitor sucking at the teat of the American taxpayer, and his malignant bragging over his criminal assassination Qasem Soleimani.

War propaganda media may soon take a break from condemning/glorifying the politician who went on a family vacation with his dog tied to the roof of the car, and glorifying the neocon’s neocon, John Bolton, to note that Saraqib has been liberated — to return to functioning as press liaisons for al Qaeda in Idlib.

Swamp Drunk Trump - Was elected to drain the swamp and instead became swamp drunk
Swamp drunk Trump

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