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NATO’s Al Qaeda Murder a Syrian Woman and her Child in Hama

NATO Turkey-sponsored Al Qaeda terrorists bomb the residential homes in the Syrian town of Salhab, Hama killing a woman and a child, injuring three others including a child who remains in critical condition

Al Qaeda terrorist groups loyal to the Turkish madman Erdogan murdered a Syrian woman and her child in a bombing of their town in the Hama countryside.

Al Qaeda Levant (aka Nusra Front – HTS) terrorists based in Idlib province bombed with a Turkish drone the Syrian town of Salhab in the northwestern countryside of Hama (20 kilometers from the city of Hama) the criminal bombing murdered a woman and her child, and injured three others including a child who remains in critical condition at the time of this report.

The NATO Turkey-sponsored al Qaeda terrorists bombed the residential houses in the town of Salhab with two bombs using a drone provided to them by Turkey, a member of the NATO ‘defensive’ alliance from their positions in the northern and northwestern Idlib countryside, protected by NATO Turkish Army.

The casualties were rushed to the Al Suqaylabiyah National Hospital whose Director Dr. George Al Wakil said in a statement carried by the Syrian News Agency SANA that

“The hospital received five citizens, including a child who passed away, while the others suffered from various wounds as a result of exposure to shrapnel in different parts of their bodies.”

SANA’s reporter later on added that a woman died of her severe wounds.

Turkish madman Erdogan continues to escalate his role in the US-led war of terror and war of attrition against the Syrian people even as his delegation is in Moscow signing renewed agreements affirming the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic.

Local sources confirmed that the Syrian Arab Army units in the northern Hama countryside responded to the Al Qaeda assaults by shelling with artillery and grad (hailstorm) missiles the posts and quarters of Al Qaeda near the towns and villages in the Al Zawaya Mountain in the southern Idlib countryside.

Not only calling on respecting Syria’s sovereignty; the communique signed by the delegation of the Turkish madman Erdogan to the Astana framework talks in Moscow condemned Israel’s repeated bombing of Syria.

The criminal Israel bombing of Syria remains much lesser than the war crimes committed by the Turkish regime against the Syrian people directly by cutting off the water of the Euphrates, and bombing fresh water pumps in Hasakah thus depriving more than a million people of drinking water, and indirectly by sponsoring the plethora of the anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood and Wahhabi terrorist groups of Al Qaeda, its affiliates, and offshoots in addition to the ongoing genocide to Israelize northern Syria.

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