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motorola moto camera download

Motorola Moto X Camera App

Motorola will introduce the new Android smartphone, the Motorola Moto X, which is exclusive made in the USA (Texas), on August 8 but the most information is already available about the new Moto X by Motorola – now also including a leaked APK file of the new minimalist Camera App of the Moto X, the former “X-Phone”.

But since the short days of the “X-Phone” by Motorola, some things have changed. The new Android smartphone Moto X has lost its name in terms of the “X-Phone” and instead of being a high-class smartphone, the Moto X by Motorola is rather a middle-class device, but with interesting features and the possibilities for some individualization of the upcoming device by Motorola (beside the DROIDS such as the Motorola Ultra and MAXX).

The individualization of the Motorola Moto X, which is “Made in the USA”, can take place in terms of the case as well as an engraving and in some other levels. Of course, the Motorola Moto X will ship after its presentation on August 8 with the latest Android version – Android 4.3 Jelly Bean.

As mentioned, the APK file and thus, the minimalist Camera App of the upcoming Moto X was leaked and is already available as free download. The most features of the Camera App from the Moto X device by Motorola are working and some more options will work in a probably updated APK file of the Camera App when the guys at AndroidPolice have updated the offered APK download.

The new Camera App of the Moto X is not the most powerful Camera App on the market, but the guide and a lot of options are very nice and good. In addition, the draggable UI isn’t so annoying in certain situations and the one-tap photo snaps make the use of the Camera App very simple.

Motorola Moto X Camera App
Motorola Moto X Camera App

Not every option and feature of the Camera App from the Motorola Moto X device is working on other Android devices, but single shots, burst shots, the tutorial, video recording, touch to focus, flash mode, shutter sound, geo-tag, and the settings work.

So far, the Camera App from the Moto X device was tested on a LG Nexus 4 as well as on a Galaxy Note II by Samsung.

Download & Information: Camera App @ Motorola Moto X

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