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More SAMS Terrorist Affiliation Found in Liberated Ghouta


Syrian state media is reporting on the findings in liberated Ghouta, of SAMS terrorist affiliations. One might be generous enough to suggest an “oops,” except this ghoulish, US-based NGO has flaunted its impunity since April 2013. Its television debut was launched by CNN on 29 April 2013, with its camera-shy spokesman — live from Turkey, which is neither Syria nor America — coached by Christiane Amanpour who unabashedly showed those shaving cream videos as uncorroborated corroboration of GB use by Syria, against Syria.

Had anyone heard of the Syrian American Medical Society* before Amanpour introduced Zaher Sahloul to its 4 million + international audience?  Sahloul’s performance came just days after Israel launched the GB hoax, from Jerusalem, in a successful campaign to divert attention from the SAR requesting  a UN investigation into the use of “chemical substances” in Khan al Asal, 19 March 2013.

Prior to inspecting the kilometers of tunnels and cave dwellings, the Syrian Arab Army Engineering Units sappers first had to be deployed to dismantled the many IEDs left behind by the terrorists put on buses. Expensive medical equipment (e.g., MRI and CT machines) and stockpiles of essential medicines, stolen from SARC deliveries, were discovered. More interesting, though, were the things left behind by SAMS terrorist affiliates.

Again, we must reinforce the fact that under the Geneva/ICRC treaties, “field hospitals” can only be built with the explicit permission of the host country.  As the Syrian Arab Republic has given no foreign NGO or foreign intelligence service such permission, these things must only be called by their correct names: Illegal cave dwellings; unhospitals; fake hospitals; tents; invaded and occupied private homes. All media that report on “bombings” of that which does not exist, engage in crimes against peace, a capital offense according to Nuremberg Statutes.

Laws of reciprocity require that those who illegally enter another country to illegally practice medicine, nursing, or any other health-related profession that requires licensure be stripped of their licenses in their home countries.

Those considering funding terrorist NGOs should first read the Geneva Treaties.

Remnants of SAMS criminal behavior in Syria were also found in the newly liberated regions of Eastern Ghouta.

Here we have a scrubs top, with the impressive SAMS terrorist logo patch stitched to the sleeve:

Does the sight of a SAMS terrorist patch honestly inspire anyone?

Also left behind by SAMS terrorist thugs were immaculate payroll records and a fake patient registry. As there was no hospital, there could be no doctors and nurses working in a place of non-existence.  The fake patient list was especially anomalous, as no diagnoses were given.  The lists were all of males, aged 20-40 (the sex and ages of most armed terrorists in Syria — obviously on someone’s payroll. Lone “patient” not in this age group was a 15-year-old male.) marked as having generic “war injuries.”  The lone detail was of the reputed nephrectomy, secondary to “war injuries.”

This huge list, pages, and pages of male “patients” all ”treated” for “war injuries,” despite the UN crocodile tears over millions of “women and children!” being barrel-bombed, T.I.D., in Eastern Ghouta neighborhoods.

Massive amounts of SAMS terrorist affiliates paperwork, none related to actual health care, though.




SAMS payroll slips were also found next to al-Qaeda headquarters in 2016 after eastern Aleppo was liberated.


The SAMS terrorist operatives have never lamented the destruction of actual Syrian hospitals.  When all of alQaeda in Syria was FSA, SAMS did not condemn the wave of assassinations of physicians and professors.  SAMS best friends forever (“Show me who your friends are and I’ll tell you what you are.”) are the stethoscope-less, CPR-ignorant, demonic fake responder White Helmets, notorious for beheading soldiers, organ trading, kidnapping, brutalizing and slaughtering children, and for their inherent, non-genetic natural immunity to GB.

Khan Sheikhoun Chemical Attack White Helmets Oscars Acting. Immune to GB

In another act of impunity — actually, poor salesmanship — SAMS bragged of being a main source of OPCW‘s criminal report on Khan Sheikhoun.

Criminal SCAMS shamelessly brags of being the main source for OPCW’s illicit report on Khan Sheikhoun

The OPCW forfeited all pretense of professionalism when it admitted to being too afraid of al-Qaeda/Nusra of Idlib to allow investigators to enter Khan Sheikhoun. Instead, they accepted the lies of the takfiri and their fake evidence, which had zero legal chain of forensics custody.

GB or not GB…that is the question. Surely chemical weapons experts know that there is or there is not, but there is no such thing as “sarin-ish,” which is the absurd suggestion in the claim that “a large number of people” were “exposed to sarin or a sarin-like substance.”

SAMS terrorist thugs have been involved in many of the criminal chemical weapons lies.  Last month, one day after claiming a fake chemical attack in Hamoryah neighborhood of Eastern Ghouta, the people there headed to the main square and raised the Syrian flag.  This action forced Sahloul to issue a fine print retraction, that there was no chemical attack, fine print enough that none of the MSM that had run the propaganda pieces, issued a retraction.

Sahloul ejaculated a tiny retraction of one of the SAMS scams.

SAMS has gotten a taste of NGO cum criminal propagandist.  It has also seen the proverbial writing on the wall, in Syria.  And so, every month SAMS holds events to…raise money not just in the United States, but around the world….

Slaughter Syrians, directly or via ‘friends.’ Blame Syria for the slaughter. Hold fund raisers & count that money.

Registration has begun for its 18th Annual International Conference, to be held in Erdoganstan.

Such a pretty photograph. Wonder if this year CME’s will be offered this year.

Last year’s overlapped with a very chilling medical mission, in which gargantuanly high, statistically impossible number of persons received cardiac catheterizations, eye surgeries (including impossible numbers of peds ophthalmology), and miscellaneous surgeries were performed.  Alas, no CPR, spinal precautions, or use of stethoscopes was taught to the al Qaeda White Helmets during this time.

The author followed the ridiculous daily reports, hoping the SAMS gang was merely lying, and not engaging in human vivisection.  The in-depth article, Halloween Comes Early as SAMS Ghouls Drink Rivers of Syrian Blood was based on the NGO’s Twitter announcements.  Provided to SAMS terrorist thugs, along with a couple of questions, the decision was made to block, rather than answer.

When asked if they were lying or doing Mengele surgeries, SAMS terrorist gang answered via a Twitter block.

Miri Wood

* In a non-Orwellian, saner world where words still had accurate meanings, the Syrian American Medical Society would be an association of American physicians of Syrian descent, n’est pas? Ha. When it comes to the attempted final solution against Syria, accuracy does not exist, nor are any members of terrorist NGOs forced to prove veracity. To date, this writer has only located the medical license of one of its “physicians.” Ironically, that is Sahloul, who Twitter-blocked her (of further impunity-related geopolitical irony, if Sahloul has practiced in Syria, without permission, his US license is supposed to be revoked.).

Sahloul Twitter blocked author for requesting the secret Tennari video shown secretly at the UN.

Suggested, related readings on SAMS terrorist affiliations, described and hyperlinked:

A reputed Syrian (not Syrian-American) was magically smuggled out of Idlib, named a member of SAMS, and given a closed-door meeting at the UN, 16 April 2015.  He was called “doctor,” and showed a video of anti-Syria propaganda. At the time, it was only available for rental, but that option was quickly removed.

8 August 2016 UN held an anti-Syria party for CNN reporter and SAMS terrorist affiliates. SAMS FY2015 budget had exploded into $15 million — and only 4 years after the foreign imposed war of terror was launched.

SAMS: ‘Now we know what it feels like to make money!’

Syria Remains the Standard in all Things Decent

The February anti-Syria propaganda piece by 60 Minutes relied heavily on verbal reports from alleged physicians of SAMS.  Scott Pelley had that bit of geopolitical amnesia in braying rare footage, as the video had been shown all day long on 4 April 2017.  In fact, the video remained available on YouTube for more than one month, until a bit of a verbal skirmish on Twitter.  A claim was made that the video actually showed a lack of emergency health care, brutalization of children and babies, abuse of corpses, and poisoning of mostly children, used as “snuff” propaganda.  Multiple screengrabs from the now missing video are included, here.

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  1. falcemartello

    You can bet your house on that. Un has a report stating and factually checked that Israel are the greatest purveyors of Human organ traFFICKING AND CHILD AND HUMAN SLAVE TRADE IN THE MODERN ERA. Hell I know I am a self hating jew. Ones religion does not make a semite.

  2. miri

    SyriaNews has reported on Diplomat Jaafari’s requests to the UN to investigate organ theft in Syrian camps in Turkey; has reported on the SAA finding an organ “chop shop” run by the FSA; has reported on civilians of liberated Aleppo stating the White Helmets are “organ traders.” To date, there has been no evidence that SAMS is involved in any organ theft.

    I am relieved by this lack of evidence, preferring to imagine SAMS claims of impossible numbers of ridiculous surgeries during its 2017 ‘mission’ were lies to increase fund-raisiing. This is much less horrible than considering it might be engaged in any form of human vivisection.

  3. Israel is aholocaust

    It has been repeatedly shown Israeli physicians and rabbis around the world deal in organ trafficking sending the profits back to israel. Which is the human trafficking and organ harvesting capital of the world. 500,000 white European sex slaves from eastern Europe pass through israel every year. For every war since the gulf war evidence has linked organ harvesting operations back to israel. Don’t forget Haiti too, which is probably still in full swing thanks to the port and private hospital built at the other end of the island. Organ cruises are an Israeli staple too.
    Makes you wonder about the kids that go missing from CPS care too.
    So much for blood libel being an anti Semitic myth
    Just do some basic browsing under that search term


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