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Monsters of Congress Launch New Syria-hating Caucus


Monsters of congress have launched a new means of increased infestation of anti-Syria propaganda on Capitol Whore Hill.   On 26 June, Syria-hating, terrorists-supporting Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) and Brendon Boyle (D-PA) proudly announced the creation of a new bipartisan caucus to pimp crimes against peace lies regarding the Syrian Arab Republic. Seemingly, draconian sanctions against the SAR, arming and funding terrorism against the SAR, censoring Syria’s ambassador to the UN, and having all msm in anti-Syria mode have not been enough to destroy the republic. 

[Please note 12 September 2018 update.]

Orwellianly named Friends of a Free, Stable, and Demoncratic Syria Caucus, this operation was formed along with the Syria-hating gang in UK Parliament, founded by Jo Cox.  It is murderous colonialism, but impunity trumps war crimes, always.  FFSDS’ 15 shameless founding members are mostly unknown monsters of congress, looking to gain some media fame.  While US Americans cannot receive decent and affordable health care, while American schools, roads, and bridges are falling apart, it is so very important to set priorities to promote more war and genocide.

In Orwell’s devolving Newspeak — “the destruction of language is a beautiful thing” — words were given opposite meanings. Monsters of Congress who call themselves “friends” are in fact, self-proclaimed enemies.  Real friends would re-open the Syrian Embassy, remove deadly sanctions, stop arming terrorists, release Diplomat al Ja’afari from his mobility restrictions. This is not neurosurgery.

In their founding statement, the monsters of congress announced their malignant intentions to “meet with experts [sic] and key personnel,” and to “bring justice [sic] and accountability  [sic] to Syria.”

Kinzinger press release on FFSDS caucus against Syria.

If “justice” and “accountability” existed, Blair, Bush/Cheneyac, and every politician war criminal would have already been convicted in The Hague, including the monsters of congress and senate.

GRAPHIC UPDATE 21 July: This is what the Caucus means when it says #SaveDaraa:

The monsters of congress created this sub-sect of thugs in preparation for the introduction of H.R. 1677 into the Senate. H.R. 1677, known as the Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act.  It is named after the fake Syrian who smuggled a gazillion fake torture photographs.  This bill calls for more sanctions against Syria (despite there being nothing left to sanction).  Kinzinger was a co-sponsor of this bill, and last year’s version — which had to be edited, as much of its anti-immigration comments sounded like they were written by Trump.

Qatar funded anti-Syria ‘Caesar’ bill.

The bill’s title may also have to be tweaked, as Caesar was funded by Qatar via bribe to the UK Carter Ruck law firm, which fake vetted the photos.  Despite Qatar’s long history of sponsoring terror against Syria, it is only recently that Trump and the monsters of congress have been made aware, by the Saudi sponsors of terrorism against the SAR.

Qatar-bought ‘Caesar’ has lobbied UN, monsters of Congress, but wore a Legos mask during CNN interview in March


The CIA/MI6 funded death squads in Syria, named the White Helmets, are sure to be among the first fake experts to bray the same old anti-Syria propaganda. WH received a Nobel nomination and an Oscar from Hollywood’s faux left elitists.  Despite tens of millions from countries that permit their citizens to die in ghastly fires, WH still do not own a stethoscope. They do not know essential spinal precautions because such first responder preservation of the spinal cord does not afford the bathetic drama of carrying persons dug out from rubble.  WH knowledge of CPR is limited to punching corpses of Syrians the death squads have already murdered.  Most recently, WH self-videoed beheading Syrian soldiers, one of dozens who were murdered by Trump’s moderate rebels (formerly, Obama’s), last week in Daraa.


These death squads are only in areas of Syria under terrorist control.  They have an inherent immunity to GB, never needing to wear hazmat protective garb.

Khan Sheikhoun Chemical Attack White Helmets Oscars Acting. Immune to GB

The monsters of congress should also be thrilled with the new Chalabi, Mouaz Moustafa.  Reportedly born in Syria to Palestinian parents, his bio is impressive:

A Palestinian born in Damascus, who came to the U.S. at 12, has a fascinating bio. McQaeda McCain (who spends more time illegally entering other countries to foment coups, than he does in Arizona, the state he is supposed to be representing in the Senate) has called him a “patriot,” though of what country, is not known, and “tireless champion for the cause of freedom for Syria.” Prior to becoming a board member, here, Moustafa, not Libyan, was the “Executive Director of Libyan Council of North America.” Though not Libyan, in this position, he reportedly met with White House NSC staff, advised the Libyan ambassador to the U.S., after his defection, and ran a staff of 8. Previously, he worked as an intern to Democratic Representative, Vic Snyder and was a staffer to former Democratic Senator Blanche Lincoln (who was hired by Monsanto, upon her retirement from Capitol Hill).  

Moustafa acted as McCain’s translator when the US senator-illegal entered the SAR in 2013, to meet with kidnappers and other terrorists, including Mr. Idriss, a staunch proponent of al Nusra (still on US terror list).

Moustafa far right. Idriss immediate right of illegal McCain

Moustafa’s obvious form of income is as elusive as that of HRW’s Kenneth Roth’s wife, Annie Sparrow, M.D., who seems to be on perpetual sabbatical from her job, since the beginning of the Syrian crisis.  He does have an important pipeline, as he tweeted his mercenary joy about impending ‘good news,’ scant hours before Trump announced he had joined al Qaeda by bombing the Syrian air base of Ash Sha’irat — per the suggestion of daughter Ivanka.

Moustafa’s last major public engagement was pimping some of the fake Caesar pictures at the Clinton School of Public Service, on 14 January, after which he took a much-deserved vacation, spear fishing on the Caribbean country of Belize.

US tax dollars at work: Moustafa in Belize

Surely the monsters of congress already have the Syrian American Medical Society war pimps on their list. Though likely founded as an innocuous group meriting this name, SCAMS has morphed into one of the biggest vampire NGOs against Syria, making huge sums of money via its criminal lies (it bragged about having a $15 million budget in FY 2015), sucking the rivers of Syrian martyr blood. SCAMS is expanding throughout the region, holds “medical missions” in Jordan, two day “medical training” (shameless affront to the medical sciences) in Gaziantep, and will soon be holding its 17th Annual Conference in Istanbul (would it not make more sense for Syrian Americans to celebrate in America?).  According to its website, SCAMS is also embedded with the takfiri in Syria, frequently complaining of unhospitals being bombed — though never once has it condemned the destruction of actual hospitals, by the various terrorist  gangs (e.g., al Kindi University Cancer Hospital, al Watani, Jisr al Shughur)

SAMS — everywhere but America

To date, SyriaNews has been able to document the medical license of only one member of SCAMS. If he has practiced medicine in Syria, has not been corroborated. If he has, without the consent of the SAR, this is grounds for his US license to be revoked.

Another likely fake expert candidate for the monsters of congress list is CNN’s very own Clarissa Ward of death, who has received awards in journalism for interviewing foreign terrorists in Syria, despite Anderson Cooper’s previous declaration that there were no foreign terrorists butchering Syrians in Syria. [1]

CNN’s Clarissa Ward, right, has illegally entered the SAR multiple times, embedding herself with takfiri

Perhaps the monsters of congress might fly in Eliot “BM” Higgins, the nebbish, unemployed gamer catapulted to expertise by NATO media.  After all, he is now a non-resident at the Syria-hating Atlantic Council think tank, specializing in digital doll house — after begging American merc VanDyk to find him full time work, according to hacked emails, through which VanDyk warned him that the FSA in Aleppo, and were prepared to use them in order to blame on the government (‘Assad is winning. He doesn’t need to use chemical weapons.’).

BM’s blog, bellingcat receives $$$$ from several NGOs. How interesting.

Other tentative fake experts to be hired by the monsters of congress to travel through the revolving door of Syria-hating propaganda might include Bana‘s terrorist daddy, now a citizen of Erdoganstan; the terrorist from Khan Sheikhoun who buried 60k of his closest family members, with his bare hands, before taking the express to Erdoganstan; any member of the terrorist AMC cum EMC (after taking the green buses from Aleppo to Idlib); the terrorist freedom-fighter photographed grilling the head of a martyred Syrian soldier; the terrorist photographed after part of the Wadi Barada infrastructure was bombed; the terrorist expert who cut off the head of 12 year old Syrian-Palestinian Abdullah Issa, after kidnapping him from a hospital:

Bana’s terrorist daddy can be an expert for Kinzinger and other monsters of congress
Bana and expert beheader of 12 year old Abdullah Issa. Courtesy Prof. Tim Anderson
Were Haley not a criminal liar, these are the photos she would have held at the UN.
Expert in bombing Wadi Barada infrastructure after poisoning al Fijah spring
Though AMC affixed logo to this photo of experts having stolen a children’s schoolyard, it was originally from a schoolyard in Homs, stolen by other experts. Experts at bombing.


It is unlikely that the monsters of congress FFSDS caucus will invite any westerners who have traveled to Syria, met Syrians, talked to Syrians, such as:  Actress and documentary maker, Carla Ortiz; independent journalists, Vanessa Beeley, Eva Bartlett; private citizens, Janice Kortkamp, Marco Glowatzki, and John Mesler.

John Mesler, of Grand Mufti Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun: “A gentle man of peace and integrity.”

Among those guaranteed never to be considered “experts” on Syria:  The residents of liberated Aleppo who reported that the White Helmets engaged in organ trafficking; Hayat, the Syrian woman who reported on life under NATO rebel torture in occupied Aleppo; the skilled Russian sappers who cleared almost 1k hectares of explosives left behind in liberated Aleppo; Syrian soldiers who discovered large NATO weapons depots in reunified Aleppo; the Syrian soldiers who found  chemical weapon missiles in the abandoned depot.

Syrian Arab Army found chemical weapons missiles in depots found in liberated Aleppo

This monsters of congress Syria-hating caucus was founded with one more member than exist co-sponsors of H.R. 608, Stop Arming Terrorists Act, there is no way that Kinzinger will invite Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI 02) to speak as an expert.  Why would he care that she is a combat veteran, that she visited Syria in January?

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, and State Sen. Dick Black are both combat vets who have been on fact-finding missions in Syria. Among the monsters of congress, neither is considered an ‘expert.’

Speaking at a panel in New York City entitled Discourses on Terrorism Tulsi Gabbard answered a question from Caleb Maupin:

There was a breathless moment during PEOTUS Trump’s nanosecond of statesmanship during which Gabbard was considered to fill the position of US Ambassador to  the UN. 


Since point-man among the monsters of congress Kinzinger made his gleeful announcement on the formation of the Syria hating FFSDS caucus, his tweets and retweets suggest a sense of him being stoned from sadistic geopolitical endorphins.  Hopefully, he will keep the drool in his mouth, as he hyper-salivates over the thought of more genocide against the Syrian Arab Republic.

Kinzinger sado-ecstatic tweets & retweets

Kinzinger’s deviant thrills were swelled by the mad as a hatter statement from the White House, claiming that the US “has identified potential preparations for another chemical weapons attack…[emphases added]”.  In the real world, one either identifies actual preparations, or one does not.  It is not possible to actually identify that which is “potential.”  Similarly, there is either GB, or there is not GB.  The is no such thing as a “GB-like substance.” This is the reason that the OPCW report to the UN is fraudulent.  Again, this is not neurosurgery.

Kafkaesque White House press statement. Its idiocy is unchallenged by the war pimping msm.
image-White House Gives Al-Qaeda Green Light for a New Chemical Attack in Syria
White House Gives Al-Qaeda Green Light for a New Chemical Attack in Syria


As the crime against peace White House statement included the emotional porn trigger words, innocent children, we must share grisly photos of Syrian children, killed and injured by the NATO armed moderates, by the savage friends of the monsters of congress.

This is 9 year old Yousef, who was murdered by a sniper’s bullet, while walking home from school in a western neighborhood of Aleppo.

Yousuf, 9, killed by a sniper bullet while walking home from school.

This Syrian child was injured on 20 November, when the moderate savages fired mortar and missile bombs at the Sariah Hassoun primary school in Aleppo. Ten of her classmates were murdered.  Kinzinger and other monsters of congress remained mute over the savagery.


These murdered Syrian children were found in December, in slaughterhouses uncovered by the Syrian Arab Army, after the liberation of terrorist-controlled eastern Aleppo.  There was no mourning, nor even crocodile tears by the monsters of congress who armed and funded the murderers.

Another ‘moderate rebel’ slaughterhouse found in liberated Aleppo

There was nothing but criminal silence when the SAA discovered massive depots of NATO weapons during the reunification of Aleppo.  There was criminal silence in 2013, when women and children of Lattakia countryside were kidnapped, and there was silence in January 2017, when 58 of them were released in a government terrorists exchange for civilian hostages.

Weapons gifts from the US to terrorists in Syria, found by SAA in liberated Aleppo
Aleppo Weapons depot


Though these war criminal colonialists bray about ”Assad’s army,” “Assad forces,” the fact is that the Syrian Arab Army belongs only to the Syrian people. Conscription in the SAR is mandatory for males, voluntary for females. Every neighborhood in the Syrian Arab Republic has lost family members in the SAA, martyred while defending the homeland within its legal territory, from foreign-sponsored terrorists.  

Yesterday, Syria’s First Family visited Syrian soldiers in Hama countryside, soldiers permanently injured in the line of duty.

Wounded Syrian soldier sustained permanent brain injury while defending his country from foreign terrorists.

This video is removed by YouTube for no justified reason:

To the monsters of congress and their newly formed FFSDS killer caucus:  Shame on you.

الله، سورية، بشار وبس

UPDATE:  In yet another stunning, geopolitical coincidence, YouTube has removed the ghastly video of slaughtered SAA soldiers on a truck, uploaded the ‘freedom-fighting’ terrorists.  This timing superbly coincides with Kinzinger’s tweet to “Free Daraa.”

This is what he wants to free, more butchery?

Screengrab from video removed so monsters of congress can support terrorists in Daraa

Point-man of the Syria hating monsters of congress tweet to support the slaughter of soldiers defending their country from foreign terrorism.

Monsters of congress support terrorists in Syria


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UPDATE 12 SEPTEMBER 2018: One day after the worst domestic terror attack in the US, Kinzinger chooses to #NeverForget to #Honor911 via supporting the most vile and degenerate generation of al-Qaeda since the US created it ‘to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan’ and then neglected to take away their weapons. CNN gives him its 4 million person international audience.

How can a veteran be so shameless as to support malignant sociopaths whose brutal atrocities include — but are not limited to: Beheadings. Grilling severed heads. Ripping apart a child’s arm and making two photo ops from the savagery. Mass slaughter of children to be used as snuff pornography propaganda. Pedonecrophilia.

These demons upload their barbarities to the worldwide web. More of their ‘humanitarian works’ are included here.


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    After tweeting this report (again) to Kinzinger on 9/11, the video evidence of the savagery of his “friends” the deranged savages who ambush, assassinate & mutilate soldiers, vanished from the internet.


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