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Moderate Rebels Kill 3 Judges in Idlib, Syria

Idlib City and Idlib Province, Syria

In their quest to impose the anti-Islamic Wahhabi version of Islam, a group of Obama regime sponsored ‘Moderate Rebels‘ assassinated 3 judges in Idlib, northwest of Syria.

Terrorists from the Jund al-Aqsa, a group affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood international coalition of radicals, and part of what is called Jaysh al-Fatah, has kidnapped, tortured and killed honorable judge Mohammad Ziad Rajab, honorable judge Mohammad Jamal Saflo and honorable judge Ismail al-Assa’ad, later the Obama regime sponsored ‘Moderate Rebels’ mutilated the bodies of the 3 slain judges in a public square next to the Justice Department in Idlib City, Idlib province capital. The judges were the top among their peers in ranks, knowledge and known for their just rulings.

Idlib City and Idlib Province, Syria
Idlib City and Idlib Province, Syria

Idlib city was invaded by thousands of anti-Islamic Wahhabi Sex Suicide Jihadists end of May 2015 after being smuggled into Syria from NATO member state Turkey and with the help of the Turkish president special thugs known as the MİT. Worth noting that Turkish president and main government members follow the Wahhabi religion and the Muslim Brotherhood lodge.

The 3 judges paid the price of their loyalty to their country with their lives after suffering worst types of torture before the ‘Moderate Rebels’ killed them and then even teared apart their bodies in rituals belonging to some Zionist or medieval cults, which Islam explicitly prohibited.

Erdogan FSA Relation
Erdogan FSA Relation

Syrian Ministry of Justice issued a statement condemning the killing and all rituals related and promised to bring the criminals to justice. The statement fell short in calling on to bring the sponsors of these terrorists to justice, maybe knowing it’ll be difficult to bring in the top officials in the Obama regime similar to how the whole world failed to bring to justice the officials of the previous US regime including criminals wanted at large George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, among others.

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