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US Missile Attack on Syria: Preparation?


Iranian Lawmaker: U.S. military is not ready to start a new front in Syria.

While a new report on Syria speaks about American preparations for the launch of a missile attack on Syria, an Iranian lawmaker rejects the possibility of an imminent military intervention in Syria by foreign powers and especially by the U.S. military because the American “military is not ready to engage” in a new front in the Middle East.

However, the recent propaganda by Western media and the external “Syrian opposition” as well as by paid activists and religious-misguided persons abroad let assume that a very important phase around the Syrian conflict has begun and that some sides still want to cause a pretext for a military intervention.

Further, in terms of the so-called “Syrian opposition”, it is certainly the fact that they demand a foreign military intervention in Syria, based on false allegations, while they exactly know that a military attack on Syria will cause more violence and has the result of many dead Syrian civilians – more dead civilians than the number of Syrians and Syrian Kurds who have already died by the supported of the so-called external “Syrian opposition” and the West for “their” terrorist forces on Syrian soil. Not to mention the support by the regimes in Qatar, Israel and Saudi Arabia for the Syrian al-Qaeda offshoot and the terrorists and criminals of the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA).

The mentioned report about the U.S. preparations of a possible imminent missile attack on Syria appeared in a report by the often biased CBS News on Friday. The alleged report stated that the Pentagon has begun with the “initial preparations” of a cruise missile attack on the units of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) as well as on several important military and government buildings in the Syrian capital, Damascus.

However, the report also says that the Pentagon will not give the order to the U.S. military to start the cruise missile attack on targets in Syria as long as there is no green light for such a military operation and the start of a new U.S. front in Syria by the U.S. President, Barack Obama. Not to mention that parts of the U.S. military are aware of the fact that an attack on Syria also means there is a possibility for a conflagration in the entire Middle East and the beginning of a real, next war.

In addition, these sides in the United States know exactly whether chemical weapons agents have been used on Syrian soil and what side has used chemical weapons already in Syria. These heads in America know that the recent propaganda against the Syrian forces and the government in Damascus is based on lies. However, one knows that this fact will not stop them to start an attack. A keyword is Iraq in this content about a war based on lies and false propaganda, of course.

As stated above, an Iranian lawmaker seems to be convinced that the U.S. military is currently not yet ready to begin another front in Syria and it is not just a random Iranian lawmaker who said this. This remark was made by Alaeddin Boroujerdi, the chairman of the Majlis (the parliament of the Islamic Republic of Iran) Foreign Policy and National Security Committee in Iran.


Alaeddin Boroujerdi, the chairman of the Iranian Foreign Policy and National Security Committee, said yesterday that he supposes that the United States will not repeat their mistakes from Iraq and Afghanistan in Syria. The Iranian lawmaker Boroujerdi also warned about the results of such a possible war against Syria and said that this would spread across the entire Middle East.

The Iranian chairman of the Iranian Majlis (parliament) Foreign Policy and National Security Committee also stated that the United States has currently not really the capacity to open a new front in Syria, while their allies, proxies and the member states of NATO are “still trapped in the mire of the Afghanistan war.”

Of course, Alaeddin Boroujerdi meant that the United States has no capacity currently to carry out a new war against Syria because of its economic situation and the “shouldering the heavy burden of the war in Afghanistan.”

The Iranian lawmaker, Boroujerdi, pointed out in his remarks on Saturday, that unlike in Iraq and Afghanistan, any foreign military intervention in Syria has the certain effect that it will spread to other countries in the Middle East and that this situation would then be contrary to the agenda of the United States in the region.

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  1. Arklight

    Afghanistan. ‘Graveyard of Empires’. It’s true, of course; through history a lot of powerful colonial States have occupied Afghanistan and, looking back down the road of history, America is the current occupier, but all of the rest are gone. Broken. But the Afghans are still there, and have never lost their identity. Why? Something to think about, huh? One day the Americans, too will be gone (one way or another), but the Afghans will still be there, raising the same old crops in the same old way, herding the same old goats in the same old way, raising the worlds finest horses – – the same old horses in the same old way, producing the same old exquisite and lovely hand crafts in the same old way, raising their same old families in the same old way. There’s a lot to be said for sticking with tradition because it’s proven, it works, and absent national greed, there’s no valid reason for radical changes. Even Taliban would have been a very nasty interlude, and would have been destroyed, by the Afghans, in time. The Afghans have always had an interest in trade, but ‘Commerce’ is something for which they do not lust, a healthy attitude.

    Americans do not want an ‘intervention’ in Syria. The people know that it’s wrong, wrong, wrong and that our military has morphed into some weird form of Lucifer’s Legions, and the people know that, an increasingly large part of the military knows that. Obama, I’m sure, will give the launch order for missile strikes against anything that moves and any visible structure; he makes demands that ‘our allies’ provide resources, weapons and troops, but I’m hoping that ‘our allies’ have grown a second brain cell and just say ‘NO!’ Well, the Brits are a yapping presence of decreasing military value and will do as they’re told, but one hopes that the rest of ‘our allies’ just tell DC to take a long walk off a short pier.


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