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Military Source: US War on Syria Would Justify an Attack on Israel

Syrian Army source: A war on Syria follows an attack on Tel Aviv.

According to a new report in terms of the possible war on Syria due to the chemical weapons propaganda (without evidence) that shall serve as the final pretext for Washington, London, Paris and the regime in Tel Aviv to start the war on another country in the Middle East, the start of such a full-scale war against Syria would trigger an immediate attack on Israel by the Syrian military. At least, a senior source of the Syrian military has allegedly stated this.

However, the information about an immediate attack on Tel Aviv in case Washington starts the airstrikes against Damascus or/and their military intervention in Syria sounds already familiar. Also some officials from the Islamic Republic of Iran have recently stated the same situation – an attack on Syria means the attack on Israel by Damascus; probably without any hesitation.

According to the cited source, a full-scale war on Syria would be reciprocated with an immediate attack on the Israeli regime in Tel Aviv by the Syrian military and its allies.

This alleged senior source of the Syrian Army further said that “if Damascus comes under attack”, such a situation will trigger the attack on Tel Aviv and a “full-scale war against Syria” will virtually issue a “license for the attack on Israel” by the Syrian military and its allies. Of course, this army source spoke under the terms of anonymity. However, in terms of reports by Farsnews, one never knows what is really true or fiction.

Although, as stated, such statements about an immediate attack on Tel Aviv in case the U.S. military and / or NATO forces begin a military intervention in Syria are already familiar since some days. Further, such statements were even already made by several person within the last year – and they do not come as a surprise. Also the regime in Tel Aviv is certainly not surprised by such an information.

The military source from Syria further said in his statements to Farsnews that if Syria is attacked by foreign forces, the regime in “Israel will also be set on fire” and that such an attack “will in turn engage the neighbouring states of Syria.”

Air Force F-16 Fighter
Air Force F-16 Fighter

This source, allegedly from the Syrian military and even a senior army source, also warned several foreign governments such as the administrations in Washington, Paris, London and others that if Syria grows weak, certain “irresponsible groups will be formed” which will “endanger Israel’s security growingly”.

However, such statements are probably new in terms of a possible war against Syria, based on the pretext of the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian forces against civilians – without the situation that the Western governments have, at least, delivered an evidence for the accusations. Iraq 2.0? Probably.

The senior army source from Damascus, at least, it is to assume that this source is sitting in Syria’s capital, the possible weakening of the central government in the capital of Syria will “actually start growing attacks on Israel and will create insecurity for that regime.”

The source from Syria finally stated that an attack on Syria by Washington will “herald frequent strikes and attacks on Israel” and these attacks on the regime in Tel Aviv will then not only be carried out by Damascus, but also by its allies, and in addition also by the (newly mentioned) extremist groups “who will find a ground for staging their aspirations.”

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