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Mikdad: ‘The Bets of the Sides that Interfered in the Syrian Affairs Reached a Dead End’

Feb 10, 2013

DAMASCUS, (SANA) – Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Dr. Fayssal Mikdad said that any dialogue to resolve the crisis in Syria must be among Syrians, headed by Syria, and ultimately subject to the Syria people’s decision through a referendum.

In an interview with al-Mayadin TV channel on Saturday, Mikdad said that all sides are invited to participate in the national dialogue and that there are no preconditions for participation, but it’s very important that participants abandon weapons and come with goon intents.
He stressed that there isn’t a premade agenda or restrictions on any of the matters to be discussed in the preliminary stage and that all issues are specified by participants who should find dialogue mechanisms in order to reach a national charter that includes all elements that are agreed upon unanimously.
Mikdad pointed out that there are basic principles that everyone should believe in which are rejecting military intervention in Syria, preserving the unity of Syria’s land and people, adopting democratic principles in administration, and respecting human rights, laws and political and media pluralism.
The Deputy Foreign Minister said that the basic initiative for dialogue is the political program proposed by Syria with its three stages based on the UN charter, international law, non-interference in countries’ internal affairs, combating terrorism, and the Geneva statement.
Mikdad pointed out that President Bashar al-Assad is the elected president of Syria and that he’s entrusted with the unity of its land and people, which is why he should preside upon the resolution of the crisis and supervise it.

He said that the national dialogue and its results are up to those who will participate in it and is linked to what President al-Assad represents through his position and public gravitas, adding that any talk to the contrary by countries such as France and Britain or others isn’t up for debate at all.

Mikdad said that Syria isn’t embarrassed by any initiative; rather others are embarrassed, stressing that dialogue is open to all those who want to end the crisis and bloodshed so that Syrians can discuss issues.

He pointed out that the bets by some sides who interfere in Syria’s affairs have reached a dead-end, which is why they’re reverting to the political solution proposed by the Syrian government, noting that the Syrian government has always supported the political solution exclusively.

The Deputy Foreign Minister said that meetings and talks held here and there reflect positive changes on the Syrian arena, leading foreign sides – including countries that support terrorism – to become convinced with the political solution.

Mikdad underlined the need to list the current Turkish government on the list of entities that support terrorism due to its involvement in the terrorism taking place in Syria through supporting terrorists, arming them and helping them enter Syria.

He affirmed that there are sides that have become proficient in lying about what is happening in Syria and present figures about Syria which are full of inconsistencies, adding that the UN Is among these sides and urging UN officials to commit to its charter and not serve specific countries or sides at the expense of others.

Mikdad said that Syria’s real friends want to resolve the crisis in it through national dialogue among Syrians without any foreign interference, and that these friends are working to prevent other countries from creating a state of instability in Syria which would affect those around it and beyond.
The Deputy Foreign Minister said that western countries and their allies gave all they could to terrorists in Syria and held meetings to destroy it and return it to the colonialist era, but they failed and now they’re talking about their failure and not about Syria’s interest and what Syrians want, stressing that if these sides actually want Syria’s interests, then they must cease the support they provide to armed terrorist groups and view terrorism in Syria similarly to how they view it in Mali.

Mikdad concluded by hoping that the US administration’s policy will be removed from the advice given by former US officials to provide weapons to the opposition, and that the new State Secretary John Kerry will change the destructive Middle East policy because the world can only be preserved through security and peace and restoring stability to Syria, which is an important country in the Middle East.

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