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Microsoft DirectX

Microsoft finally not only confirmed that a new DirectX-Version is in the pipeline, but they also confirmed that the new DirectX 11.2 will be only released by them for the new operating system Windows 8.1 (final version is expected later this year) and the upcoming Xbox One.

Thus, there will be no new DirectX 11.2 for the current Windows 8 operating system or for Windows 7. This certainly means that some Gamers under Windows have to upgrade their machines when DirectX 11.2 and Windows 8.1 is released by Microsoft later this year.

In addition, the new DirectX 11.2 version for the upcoming gaming station Xbox One will be sure a very interesting release. According to Antoine Leblond from Microsoft, Direct 11.2 is built to use both, the graphics RAM as well as the RAM in the system in order to store all the textures. This means as a result, that the games on Windows 8.1 or the Xbox One with the latest DirectX 11.2 driver package will have a much better resolution of the textures that are displayed in the games and, thus, more fun for the gamers.

Antoine Leblond also showed a live example of DirectX 11.2 and the demo used 9GB of a game`s texture data, which was held in system RAM compared to the graphics RAM and this is a little bit impressive.

Although the confirmation about a new version of DirectX is good news for all the gamers and the release of DirectX for Windows 8.1 and Xbox One by Microsoft is also nice, this could certainly mean, that one has to upgrade to the final release of Windows 8.1 later this year when he plays a lot of games under Windows and wants the best graphics / textures in his games on the system.

Microsoft DirectX
Microsoft DirectX

In addition, the Microsoft Xbox One gets even more interesting with the confirmation of DirectX 11.2 by Microsoft. It is a little bit sad meanwhile that Microsoft seems to drop Windows 8 very quickly and seems to completely concentrate on Windows 8.1 and the upcoming public relation / promotion for the next version of the operation system – then with the information about DirectX 11.2 and how well it will be for all the gamers and their windows games out there.

Source: TweakTown

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