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Massacre in Syria Justified by Western MSM

UK Foreign Secretary Friends

UK Foreign Secretary Friends in Syria

Each day new massacres committed in Syria in the name of promoting ‘democracy’ and ‘free speech’ by the same ‘humanitarian bastards’ who brought death and carnage to Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, Afghanistan..

Most of the crimes committed by US regime death squads operating in Syria under the FSA umbrella are immediately reported by all western mainstream media and accuse the Syrian state with it, western officials jump to attempt to grab some political gains then will be totally ignored once the real culprits are exposed. And if the western mainstream media does report such crimes, they immediately add their ugly justification to it: ‘The victims were Alawites, an offshoot of Shiite Islam to which President Bashar al-Assad belongs’ like how Fox News reported this one, as if it’s allowed to kill them for their belief, or their support of their president?!

The other crimes where mainstream media cannot build on due to overwhelming evidence of Obama’s thugs involvement are never reported and people’s lives seems not important at all for the same sudden lovers of Syrians.

In the early hours of Thursday, 19th of September, at least 9 civilians were killed and a number else injured when 2 minibuses and a pickup truck were blown up by Obama Thugs, commuting to their work and colleges in Homs near Missyaf in the province’s countryside. The thugs planted a number of IEDs, improvised explosive devices, Obama’s death squads preferred method for killing in Iraq and other places where the ‘democracy’ NATO-style was promoted.

Video report of the massacre by Syrian SAMA TV channel, one of the banned channel by the ‘free speech’ promoters in the west:

That targeted killing on sectarian bases was not enough, and the blood of those victims was not enough to satisfy the thirst of the ‘freedom fighters’, they went to attack small villages in the area and were met with units from the National Defense Forces, local militias volunteered to protect their homes and units from the Syrian Arab Army called in.

A number of terrorists were rendered ‘very peaceful’ forever by the SAA and NDF but the blood price for Syria’s dignity was already paid at a hefty price by the residents of these small villages, because they don’t like to grow lice in their beards or hashish in their farms, and they don’t like the idea of Sex Jihad to raise the name of another NATO caliph in the region.

"Sexual Jihad"
“Sexual Jihad”
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