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massacre khan assal terrorists syria

Massacre in Khan al-Assal (Source: SANA)

Heinous massacre near Aleppo: Death toll is expected to increase.

While the Syrian Ambassador to Tehran, Adnan Mahmoud, has confirmed that the country’s Prime Minister Wael Nader Al-Halqi will take part in the upcoming swearing-in ceremony of Hassan Rohani as new president in Iran, there are really sad news about the massacre in Khan al-Assal (sometimes Khan al-Asal), which were carried out by a group of foreign-backed terrorists against mainly unarmed Syrian civilian yesterday.

The current death toll from the massacre in Khan al-Assal in the countryside of the former economic centre of Syria, Aleppo, has reached 123 martyrs, while it is sadly to expect that the number of the executed Syrian civilians will still increase in the upcoming hours. Khan al-Assal is already known from an attack by a group of foreign-backed terrorists against Syrian civilians and soldiers earlier this year. According to Russian experts, the foreign-supported terrorists have fired a missile filled with sarin nerve gas in this older attack against Syrian soldiers and civilians.

Now, at least 123 unarmed civilians have been killed by a group of terrorists in Khan al-Assal, located in Syria’s northern governorate of Aleppo.

According to the Syrian news agency SANA, the majority of the victims, killed by the foreign-supported terrorists yesterday, were Syrian civilians and thus, just normal locals in the Syrian town of Khan al-Assal (Khan al-Asal).

Several medical tests have already helped to identify six of the victims according to the source of SANA. The massacre in Khan al-Assal was another horrible and inhuman act by the foreign-backed terrorists, who will even receive new weapons soon by Saudi Arabia, the Israeli regime, and by the Obama administration in Washington – at least, there are several reports about upcoming arms deliveries by these states into the violent hands of the terrorists fighting in Syria against the secular government in Damascus and, as you see, against the normal and sure secular civilians in such villages like Khan al-Assal.

While the death toll of the massacre in the town of Khan al-Assal near the strategically important Syrian city of Aleppo (Halab) is expected to even increase in the upcoming hours, the number of at least 123 Syrian civilians, who were killed by the totally inhuman terrorists yesterday, is already enough to stand it when you know Syria and especially this region.

According to the source of the Syrian state news agency, SANA, the foreign-backed terrorist groups committed a genocide against a number of Syrian civilians and some military personnel in the town of Khan al-Assal near the city of Aleppo.

The new massacre in Khan al-Assal (Khan al-Asal), which has not yet been condemned by the so-called international community of values, while it is clear that the Iranian, Chinese, and Russian governments will condemn this massacre carried out by the Western-backed terrorist groups, is another horrible crime and almost impossible to describe by the use of normal words – without falling back to the use of hate speech.

The images of the massacre in Khan al-Assal, published by the Syrian news agency SANA, are horrible and show the level of violence of these terrorist gangs, supported by Western and regional powers in order to snowball Syria with violence, terrorism, and bloodshed. For what?

For the overthrow of one man and his secular government? For money, economic goals and the plan of the greater Middle East? For the Israeli regime and Turkish megalomania? If it would not be so sad and shocking, it would even be funny that all this happens for the overthrow of one man and his several comrades in a secular government in the capital Damascus who have neither carried out an attack against Israel in recent years, nor they had threatened the Western economy in the times of the financial crisis.

Massacre in Khan al-Assal (Source: SANA)
Massacre in Khan al-Assal (Source: SANA)

Ahmad Khazem, the Head of the Syrian Human Rights Network, said in a recent interview in terms of the horrible massacre in Khan al-Assal (Khan al-Asal), in which the perpetrators even set the bodies of the victims on fire after they have killed them in horrible way, that this massacre and horrible incident by this foreign-supported terrorist group is “a blatant violation of the UN Convention against Torture and a crime against humanity.”

According to the Head of the Syrian Human Rights Network, Ahmad Khazem, this massacre by the terrorists in Khan al-Assal is also a “flagrant violation of the UN Security Council Resolution 1373 and Article 25 of Rome Statute.”

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  1. Arklight

    The rats are losing, and they know it. Above and beyond the normal bestiality of the proxy killers, they know that they are losing, and only want to shed as much blood as they can before they’re cut down. They will burn in Hell for this; all three of the major religions have prohibitions against murder, with especial warnings against the killing of innocents. I wonder that the Syrian citizens do not follow the valorous example of the Palestinian camp residents, take up arms, and drive the rats out themselves. If it were my neighborhood, my home, my family, I would be out there with a rifle fighting back. The SAA cannot be everywhere, do everything, protect everyone – – not with the best will in the world.
    Note to MK: ‘armless’ means devoid of upper limbs, ‘unarmed’ means without weapons, as they are commonly understood. Anyway, I’m confident that the SAA, NDF or both, will run the swine to ground, then really make ’em squeal. Go, SAA, get on with the rat killin’.

  2. Peterson

    Local people should assemble together and forms groups to protect themselves. If the civilians are unarmed just a handful of terrorists could do such a thing. I can not understand how people could live there defenseless in such turmoil situation.

  3. leslie pia


  4. Aziz Mohammad Sakhiezada

    I hope they burn in hell for their heinous act committed in the face of humanity, by Allahs welling the ligitimate army will win the war against the terrorist in Syria, I personally blame the western countries for brutal massacre which are taking place in syria, it was them who supported the terrorists by sending money and arms, May Allah punishes them all.

  5. Joseph Eldridge

    Actually the US and the west must support Syria and Assad,
    because the Assad forces are doing the job that the US army ARE DOING
    the battlefied in Syria is the gathering point of terrorists and wannabe terrorists in their so-called quest
    for holy war and mathrydom,
    before theses religious loonies got their victory and then gain strength and planned more conquests…these terrorists must be stooped and anihilated in Syria.


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