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Mass Graves and Slaughterhouses in Aleppo


by Afraa Dagher

Syrian tv showed another horrible massacre in the eastern part of Aleppo, the part which was controlled by the “rebels.”  The recent report was of a mass grave of 23 victims in al Kallas district, which was a terrorist headquarter.  It was found after those terrorists were transported to Idlib.  The video shows the bodies of mostly massacred women and children, shot at close range.  Many of the victims also had their legs and hands amputated.

This is what the West-backed ”moderate monsters” left behind. What’s more, they were planning to use those victims to attribute their crimes to our government, as they are used to doing. This propaganda is always being supported by mainstream media like CNN, the English speaking Qatari Al-Jazeera etc.

The victims are being identified.  Many may have been kidnapped from the countryside of Lattakia.  Previous kidnapped Syrians from this area were killed with their bodies being used for propaganda during the terrorists use of chemical weapons in al Ghouta, and then blaming it on the Syrian government.  Some may be of the still missing of Adra, the city of one of the most heinous massacres by the “moderate FSA” terrorists in the early days of foreign invasion of our country.

As Syrian Arab Army has liberated about 15 captives from the hands of terrorists, by exchanging them for terrorists, those captives were women, elderly man in his 87 years old, and kids, they were transported to their first place in the countryside of Lattakia again by the help of the Syrian Arab Army, and one of the released persons stated that ”there are still 120 person missing.”  Among those rescued is a woman from Lattakia countryside, who said she was a captive of the terrorists for 3 years and 4 months.  These hostages were released in exchange for letting terrorists leave via the Green Buses.

Moreover, there is also a great possibility that some were from eastern Aleppo and were killed by those terrorists, while they were trying to escape to the west of Aleppo during the pre-liberation humanitarian pause — for which the moderate terrorists showed appreciation via executions, hostage-taking, and sniper fire and mortars against schools in the western neighborhoods.

White Helmets forgot to hide the bags of their victims.

The CIA and George Soros sponsored ‘NGO’ White Helmets in the above photo shows bodies of their victims in eastern Aleppo, with their packed bags next to them.  These civilians were trying to leave the terrorist strongholds, to cross via the government opened humanitarian corridors, to the freedom of the western neighborhoods.  These White Helmets have been quiet since the liberation of Aleppo.

These moderate terrorists have left Aleppo eastern neighborhoods filled with weapons depots, mass graves, slaughterhouses, and booby-trapped explosives that skilled Russian sappers are de-mining and safely detonating, explosives found also tied to dolls and other toys, because such is the behavior of “freedom fighters.”

Western media is not reporting on these atrocities, nor on the water crisis in Damascus caused by the “moderates” poisoning the world’s oldest spring, al Fijah.







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