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Main Nusra Front Commander Killed in Aleppo by SAA

Abdul Qader Saleh nicknamed ‘Haji Mari’ (doesn’t have a meaning), the commander of Liwa Tawhid ‘Monotheism Brigade’ killed by a Syrian Arab Army unit in a qualitative operation in Aleppo on Friday 07 June, 2013, as many sources reported.

A. Q. Saleh Head of a Nusra Front terrorist group killed in Syria
A. Q. Saleh Head of a Nusra Front terrorist group killed in Aleppo, Syria

‘Liwa Tawhid’ is one of the main Nusra Front brigades fighting the Syrian state under the NATO backed FSA umbrella, active mostly in Aleppo & its countryside. Some of the ‘achievements’ of this terrorist during his filthy lifetime:

  1. He’s a leading figure in burning the ancient Aleppo’s bazaar with all its shops.
  2. He’s the person who gave orders to steal the minaret of the Grand Omayyad Mosque in Aleppo, desecrate, loot then destroy the mosque.
  3. Killing and kidnapping many innocent civilians and impose ‘protection money’ on Aleppo’s merchants.
  4. He supervised a number of ‘Sharia Courts’ hearings that all resulted in the execution verdict against the accused, field courts.
  5. Looted and burned Aleppo’s shopping malls, car showrooms and factories, supervised smuggling the factories’ machines and goods into Turkey with the help of Turkish prime minister Erdogan in broad daylight: [].
  6. Looted all of Aleppo’s jewelry shops to finance the ‘revolution’.

Worth noting before he became a ‘revolution’ commander he was wanted for drugs smuggling. In an interview on Saudi owned satellite news channel on April 13, 2013 he criticized the listing of Nusra Front in the US list of terrorist organizations. USA uses mercenaries of convicted criminals and fugitive ones, they know how to contact them, in ‘colored peaceful revolutions’, one of the US loose senators was in Yemen 2 weeks ago recruiting terrorists to ‘democratize’ Syria as reported by Yemen Post and later he met the kidnappers of 9 Lebanese pilgrims in north of Syria when he sneaked across the borders illegally.

US Labeling Terrorists
US Labeling Terrorists
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