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Local Syrian Residents Call White Helmets Organ Traders


Since the liberation of eastern Aleppo in the end of 2016 local residents have revealed White Helmets are organ traders. This horrific truth finally comes out.  To have lived under a “rebel stronghold” means to be slaughtered in a silent way, while the western and GCC media defend the slaughterers, giving them more cover, and more power to murder Syrians – while their families were not able to tell of their pain, during the brutal rule of those “rebels.”  Aleppo was liberated and western media mourned. Aleppo was liberated and the west gave an award to the terrorists White Helmets organ traders.

al Qaeda gets an Oscar


The terrorists concentrated in the old districts of eastern Aleppo, using especially schools – after shutting down education – to launch missiles and mortar shells on innocent civilians.  These sites, in suburbs, in buildings of displaced Syrians were a good cover and pretext for the western media, to make it look like the Syrian government was targeting residential buildings.  These buildings were occupied, were nothing but terrorist hotbeds.

As soon as those terrorist “rebels” launched their missiles on eastern Aleppo, the emergency vehicles of those same rebels immediately arrived.  They knew where and when the grenade launchers would shell the people!

Abo Mohammad, a local  resident said, we were afraid after every mortar shell, because those rebels in white helmets will come in their ambulances to carry the wounded.  We were the targets they pounced on immediately.  They knew the time, and the sites, and the victims never came back with their full organs.  For me, they have stolen one of my kidneys and part of my spleen!  And we were not able to judge them, we were under their full control.

Another local residential woman, called Alia, told about their suffering.  The White Helmets organ traders had a black market on the border with Turkey where they sold women, kids, and also dead bodies of Syrians.  The dead body price was about $115.  The price of a wounded, but alive victim is more, about $700.


All the poor wounded were victims to be considered human organ donors! Those White Helmets organ traders came from Turkey with foreign doctors, were in our city under the pretext of humanitarian purpose!  However, the truth is they were slaughterers, and we were just a good trade for them, across the border with Turkey.

Turkey and every country stands with those “rebels,” White Helmets are involved in slaughtering our people.

In a previous report, a local resident, Hayat – after liberation by our Syrian Arab Army – told in a video about how her husband was murdered by those “rebels,” and how his body was taken to Turkey, and returned with his organs cut out of his body.  They stole his organs!


In Syria, our government forbids human organs trade; it is banned!  However, the world helps to support those cannibals, since the very beginning of the foreign international war on Syria.

The world’s leading terrorists help to give these criminals credibility, a voice in the world’s mainstream and fake independent media; the world’s fake NGOs support them too.

This horrible farce continues; these brutal White Helmets organ traders were nominated for a Nobel Peace prize, and then  received an Oscar, as consolation.  Hollywood gave a standing ovation to the CIA’s death squads against Syria.

The Oscar, for what?  For being in the areas controlled by the al Nusra Front, which is on the US’ terror list!  The White Helmets are companions of these terrorists, continuing the crimes and horrors inflicted on poor civilians – while lying that our army that protects us from 350,000 foreign invaders is committing these war crimes!


Launch bombs by al Nusra Front, then send those to pounce on the wounded, to steal their organs on the fake pretext of helping them, carrying them to hospitals where they have their organs cut out.

Give them an Oscar reward?  This reveals that such media is only serving the geopolitical agenda of those western leaders who have funded terror in our country, with money, training, and massive weapons.

Courtesy Professor Tim Anderson

Fool the people.  Justify their wars on third world countries, and on countries which have maintained national sovereignty.

Their victims are twice slaughtered, once by the western backed terrorists, secondly by this rotten lying media.

Meanwhile, whole countries are being murdered, directly by western killer states – “coalition” led by US – and by their proxy terrorist gangs, like Saudi against poor Yemen.  Or by NATO in destroying Libya.

Who cares?  The US — whose former Secretary of State John Kerry bragged about meeting with the White Helmets organ traders leader Raed Saleh, whose Hollywood gave them an Oscar award — should care.  This gang met with Saudi terrorist illegally in Syria, Abdallah al Muhaysini.  Muhaysini is on the US Specially Designated Nationals terror list.

Among Muhaysini’s many war crimes is that he trains child soldiers to become suicide bombers and other terrorists. like the two young boys who were among the 6 suicide bombers that murdered 42 Syrians in Homs, last month.

al Muhaysini is on the US Specially Designated Nationals list. Here he is with child soldiers he has trained.

Who cares that the White Helmets organ traders kill us, as long as the western people can be fooled into believing these death squads are humanitarian?  The Swedish Doctors for Human Rights group cares.  Yesterday SWEDHR published a paper denouncing the White Helmets video and its “macabre manipulation of dead children and staged chemical weapons attack to  facilitate a no-fly zone” against Syria.

After abusing this baby’s corpse, did the White Helmets steal her organs?
al Qaeda White Helmets organ traders too

Western msm won’t care.  This msm won’t report on this paper.  This msm wept when Aleppo was liberated.  They did not report when the Syrian Arab Army found massive weapons depots filled with munitions from Turkey, UK, US, Israel — including missiles containing chemical weapons.

Syrian Arab Army found chemical weapons missiles in depots found in liberated Aleppo
This cache was from Israel

Western msm didn’t report that Russian sappers cleared almost 1,000 hectares of explosive devices, in liberated Aleppo.

Russian sapper demining a doll of explosives
Found in liberated Aleppo
‘Bombs, not books’ found in schools in liberated Aleppo.

We don’t expect the fake news msm to report on this new crime added to the long list, the crime of White Helmets organ traders; fake news msm has used its words as weapons of mass destruction against our country. We write for the people who are sick of being lied to by their mainstream news sources.

In August we wrote that the Oscar Nominations for War Porn with Child Has New Nominee, after the massive reporting on the fake story of the dusty “Omran” boy — re-rescued by the White Helmets organ traders, other times — who was fake rescued.   Western media wasn’t ashamed when independent investigative reporters immediately found that the  man who took the “Omran” photo supported the terrorists who beheaded 12 year old Abdullah Issa.

Rslan cheered the FSA al Zinki child beheaders

We must add that the White Helmets public relations firm is AMC (and sometimes terrorist Qatar’s al Khanzeera, illegally in Syria, and engaging in all forms of terrorism, including slaughter and kidnapping).  AMC is frequently used as citation for the criminal lies of the unashamed western media.

When the fake story of dusty Omran dominated western msm, nobody noticed that in the (fake) critical time of rescuing children from a collapsed building, time was found for AMC to take a photo of Rslan taking a photo of the painted Omran, inside a very clean ambulance.

AMC took a photo of the supporter of child beheaders taking a photo of children painted in gray dust.

In 2014, AMC cheered Jabhat al Nusra murdering Syrian Arab Army soldiers.  Jabhat al Nusra is on the US terror list.

AMC supported JaN slaughter of Syrian soldiers

Moreover, AMC put its logo onto a photo of a schoolyard that the terrorists had taken over.  Instead of it being filled with kids playing during school breaks, it is filled with surface-to-surface missiles of slaughter. 

Western msm supports AMC that supports stealing children’s lives

AMC so supports stealing children’s lives that it stole the above photograph from a terrorist operation in Homs, 2013, from a stolen schoolyard:

The original photo was taken by terrorists that stole a schoolyard in Homs, in 2013

Who cares to know that organ trading is now part of the long list of crimes by the Oscar-winning White Helmets?

Certainly not western media that continues to lie against Syria.

— Afraa Dagher

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