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Lebanon Protests Violence Spillover from Syria!

Al-Nusra Front Terrorists

The Lebanese government, better say the so-called government / administration of Lebanon, has published a statement which states that Lebanon will complain to the Qatari-led Arab League (AL) about the deaths of two persons by artillery fire on last Sunday.

The so-called government of Lebanon condemned the alleged spillover of the violence from Syrian soil into its territory and will criticize this at the hypocritical Arab League (AL) as well. Although this complaint by Lebanon is, beside the fact that it is sad what happened and is happening, also funny – due to the reason that Lebanon is itself also a cause for all this violence and the spillover of the violence from Syrian territory onto Lebanese soil.

Lebanon has a huge problem with sectarian groups for a very long time and the so-called Lebanese government / administration was and is often nothing else than a bad (or sad) joke. Hariri is known as a supporter of armed groups and not only this.

There has been violence in Lebanon before and if Lebanon would not host armed, sectarian groups in the north of the country, there would be fewer problems. Not to mention even the situation in the Lebanese capital Beirut sometimes. The burning of car tires has become a hobby and it is just a question of time when the next problems will appear in Lebanon – this has already been the state before the beginning of the staged “revolution” in the neighbouring country Syria.

Statement by Lebanese Social Affairs Minister Wael Abu Faour

The so-called Lebanese Social Affairs Minister Wael Abu Faour said after a ministerial meeting on Monday, that “the safety of every Lebanese citizen and village is the responsibility of the Lebanese state, and any attack from any side is unacceptable” and that the Lebanese government holds both, the Syrian administration in Damascus and the foreign-backed terrorists, responsible for the spillover of the violence from Syrian soil into Lebanese territory.

It seems the Lebanese Social Affairs Minister Abu Faour has forgotten the armed groups in northern Lebanon and the known problems of this country – not to mention the problems of the Lebanese government.

The Lebanese Social Affairs Minister confirmed that the Lebanese government will present a so-called “memorandum to the Arab League” soon and protests any attack from any side while the Lebanese Foreign Ministry should undertake all important measures and talks in order to ensure that all sides bear their responsibilities and that these sides don`t repeat such attacks.

One could say that an important measure would finally be to take care about the armed and partly sectarian groups in northern Lebanon and the real problems in and around the capital Beirut. Not to mention the corruption, religious fanatics and the mafia-style situations.

According to the Lebanese Minister Wael Abu Faour, the Lebanese army is already taking measures to protect every Lebanese citizen from any attack but this sounds a bit funny, especially when one knows the situation of the Lebanese army and what “measures” often mean when talking about Lebanon (or some other Arab countries).

Of course, after two separate incidents in the last days which killed two Lebanese citizens in the southern parts of this country, it was to expect that the so-called Lebanese government will publish such a (or similar) statement and does the usual propaganda work.

Meanwhile, some reports say that the fire came from the armed terrorists and jihadists who are fighting against the secular government of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and thus, it might be a smart idea for the Lebanese government to finally take care about all the armed radicals and sectarian idiots on their own soil first and not to host some of these armed “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) terrorists.

If you don`t want violence on your own territory, take care that you do not mingle with the situation in a neighbouring country and do not play the host for armed sectarian groups and radicals.

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