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Lebanon: ISIS in Arsal Large Land Few Terrorists

image-Arsal Plains - Rural

According to a Lebanese Resistance (Hizbullah) military source, ISIS controls a much larger swath of land in the rural areas of Arsal town in East Lebanon than what Nusra Front terrorists had.

The areas it controls in the border area between Lebanon and Syria stretches from Dhour al-Khanzeer south to al-Khishn Mountain north within Lebanon, and from Khirbet Hamayem north to al-Zimrani Mountain south within Syria.

However, the numbers of ISIS terrorists are far less than those who were with Nusra Front as they are about 275 of them surrounded for a while now and they are restricted in their movement in any direction.

The military source in Hizbullah added that ISIS lost a lot of its terrorists in the past few years and its latest loss was last year when they tried to infiltrate Nusra controlled areas in Rural Arsal mountainous areas.

ISIS took advantage of the high hills to take control of the areas, the Hizbullah source noted that 2 individual terrorists alone can cover a large area of open land.

The ‘Emir’ of ISIS in the area a terrorist by the name of Muaffaq al-Jarban aka ‘Abu al-Souss’ uses his motorbike as he doesn’t have fuel for his cars.

ISIS terrorists used to barter weapons and munition with Nusra for a little amount of fuel. The future of ISIS in the region would be easily decided as they have already asked for a negotiated exit.

Source from Elnashra

Latest update: A ceasefire has been reported in Arsal Rural between the Lebanese Resistance ‘Hizbullah’ and the terrorists from Nusra Front aka al-Qaeda Levant. Most probably an exchange will occur where Hizbullah will retrieve 3 of its captured fighters from Nusra terrorists and will give a route with the help of the Syrian Arab Army to the terrorists of Nusra Front towards Idlib in Syria or Der Ezzor, to be confirmed later.

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