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Lebanon and China warn against military strike on Syria

Air Force F-16 Fighter

China: Military intervention in Syria contradicts the UN Charter.

The Lebanese caretaker Foreign and Expatriates Minister, Adnan Mansour, as well as the Chinese Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, have warned against a military intervention and military strike on Syria due to the dire consequences for the Syrian people and the entire Middle East.

However, the Chinese Foreign Minister even stated the same like the Syrian Permanent Representative to the UN, Bashar al-Jaafari, because Mr Wang Yi also has pointed out that any foreign military intervention will contradict the UN Charter.

The Chinese Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, warned today against any military strike against Damascus and according to the report by the Chinese News Agency Xinhua, the Foreign Minister of China said in his new statements in terms of the rhetoric of war by Washington and France that “any foreign military intervention will contradict the UN Charter” because such a military strike on Syria “may spread chaos in the Middle East.”

Wang Yi, Chinas Foreign Minister, further said that a political and peaceful solution is always considered as the only realistic means to solve the Syrian conflict and the crisis in this country of the Middle East.

The Chinese Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, then called upon all involved sides in the Syrian conflict as well as in the rhetoric of war against Damascus to show restraint and calm in the dealing with the conflict in Syria. Mr Wang Yi added that no foreign power should meddle in Syria and nobody shall pre-empt the investigation result on the alleged use of chemical weapons in the Arab nation.

However, the statements by the Chinese Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, were probably made before the announcement of the United Nations (UN) that the UN chemical weapons inspectors will (suddenly) leave Syria on this Saturday. The investigation of the alleged use of chemical weapons seems to get or is already aborted.

The Chinese Minister finally said that his country is observing the situation in the Arab nation closely and he underlined that the Chinese government is strongly opposed to the use of chemical weapons in Syria. The Chinese side supports an objective, honest and independent investigation by the United Nations (UN) in Syria.

However, as stated, the chemical weapons investigation seems to be aborted due to the announcement of the UN General Secretary Ban Ki-moon that the UN inspectors will leave Syria already on this Saturday morning.

Middle East (Source: CIA World Factbook)
Middle East (Source: CIA World Factbook)

Meanwhile, the Lebanese caretaker Foreign and Expatriates Minister, Adnan Mansour, also made a new statement in regards of the threats on a possible military attack on Syria by some Western governments and especially by Washington. Adnan Mansour said that any military aggression on Syria by Western states will create a real catastrophe in the Middle East.

According to the new statements by the Lebanese caretaker Foreign and Expatriates Minister, Adnan Mansour, the threats of a launch of such a military strike on Syria “aims at stopping the victories which the Syrian army has achieved against the armed terrorist groups.” Adnan Mansour made these new remarks on the Lebanese TV channel “NBN” today.

Adnan Mansour further underlined that any military strike on Syria that is not based on international law will be considered as an aggression on the UN member states and that what is going on in Syria would only serve the interests of the Israeli regime in Tel Aviv – the “Zionist entity.”

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  1. John


    Russia and China dont give a crap about the Syrian people they care about the money they will lose if they cant sell weapons to Syria. Just like Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Russia and China are 2nd class world powers because of exactly this issue. If they stood up with the US on issues like this, war could be avoided. The absence of the world doing what is right should never deter us from doing what is right…….

    Counter balance the naval forces? China just BOUGHT their first air craft carrier…….

  2. Arklight

    China did have, at one time, a squadron in the Med showing the flag, but I don’t know where they are now. We also don’t know where the Chinese subs are, nor do we know how many Russian subs may be working with the Russian squadron. I would guess that Iran has at least one in the Med, somewhere, as security for its own squadron which was tasked to a new Iranian base at Lattakia, yet to be constructed. Iran may have basing privileges at the Syrian base, I don’t know, but there’s been no word that the Iranian ships have passed back through Suez. Then there’s the question of the 4,000 Iranian troops which were supposedly deployed to Syria some time ago, and the missing Russian 42nd Motor Rifle Divisions which was reportedly deployed to Syria, but has dropped out of sight. This is no time for Obama and Cameron to be shooting their mouths off. Also, the Poles were apparently asked to participate in the NATO foolishness, and said ‘No!’. the Russians aren’t making a lot of tough guy noises, they’re just saying, basically, ‘Back off, or there’ll be trouble.’ The French are backing away from this whole business, the Germans want no part of it, and UK Parliament appears to be growing a backbone, too. Obama may well have let his alligator mouth overload his hummingbird *ss.

    • Arklight

      Could be. We’ll see what The Big B.O. pulls out of his – – hat. He’s not finding a lot of friends to hold his hand if he decides that he wants to play Alexander The Wannabe, so maybe he’ll rediscover his brain cell and cool his jets.


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