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Lebanon Attacked Again and a French ISIL is in the Game


Investigations are ongoing with three of the suspects arrested during a security raid in the Hamra neighborhood in Beirut, identifying the head of a terrorist network as a French national with Arab origins, the Lebanese daily al-Mustaqbal reported Sunday.

It also remains to be seen whether this network is behind Friday’s Dahr al-Bydar blast.

Al-Mustaqbal added that contacts have started between Lebanese and French authorities to keep up with the investigations.

However, the Dahr al-Bydar explosion was done by a suicide bomber holding explosions between 15 to 20 kilo grams in his car.

The explosion was done on one of the Lebanese army searching points.

On the exact day, Many Lebanese officials were meeting in the UNESCO. On the other hand the general Abraham , said that his convey passed in that rue minutes before the explosion.

That that makes us come to two conclusions or theories:

1: The suicide attack was targeting Abraham

2: The suicide attacker was targeting the gathered political figures but was caught and had to explode the car. However the Free sunni brigade in Baalbak in north Lebanon said they were responsible.

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