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Lebanese Terrorists Set Fire to Syrian Refugees Tents in a Camp

Lebanese armed terrorists set fire to displaced Syrian refugees tents in northern Lebanon

A group of Lebanese terrorists attacked a group of Syrian workers then burned down tents hosting Syrian refugees in the northern Lebanese town of Bahnin-Minya, many refugees suffered different burn wounds and were rushed to hospitals for treatment and hundreds of refugees were left in the freezing cold of December without the ‘shelter’ they had.

The Lebanese terrorists first stopped a group of Syrian workers returning to their families in the tents and started a racist attack against them blaming the refugees for the economic meltdown in Lebanon caused by the Lebanese political corruption and the involvement of half of Lebanon, politicians and commons, aiding Al Qaeda demonic terror in Syria on behalf of the Saudi, Qatari, and Turkish regimes working for the US regime which is obviously not working for the interests of its own people in this region!

Soon enough the terrorists assaulted the Syrian workers and started firing live rounds above their heads before heading to the homes – the tents where the Syrian workers live with their families and set fire to a number of them burning them to the ground.

The video is also available on YouTube and BitChute.
Lebanese armed terrorists set fire to displaced Syrian refugees tents in northern Lebanon
Lebanese armed terrorists set fire to displaced Syrian refugees tents in northern Lebanon

One of the least politicized Lebanese security forces, the Lebanese Military Intelligence, sent a patrol that arrested a number of the attackers and rounded up 6 Syrian workers.

The Lebanese Army Command issued a statement saying: “A patrol from the Intelligence Directorate in the town of Bahnin – Minya (North Lebanon), arrested two Lebanese citizens and six Syrians, against the backdrop of an individual problem that occurred yesterday evening in the town, between a group of Lebanese youths and a number of Syrian workers, which soon developed into firing in the air by the Lebanese youths, who also deliberately set tents for displaced Syrians on fire.”

The Lebanese Army command statement added: “The army units intervened and carried out raids in search of those involved in the shooting and burning of tents. War weapons, ammunition, and military equipment were seized in raided houses. The detainees and the seizures were handed over and the investigation began under the supervision of the competent judiciary, while the rest of those involved are being pursued to arrest them.”

In other words: The Lebanese authorities arrested 6 workers whose tents were burned and their family members suffered burns in their bodies and who were attacked by ‘Lebanese youth’ who started a quarrel and attacked the workers coming back home – tents’ after a long day of cheap labor for other Lebanese, and the ‘Lebanese youth’ had war weapons, ammunition, and military equipment in their houses.’!!

The Syrian government, on its part, issued a statement calling on the Lebanese justice system and Lebanese authorities to shoulder their responsibilities and provide protection and care for the displaced Syrians in Lebanon. The statement by the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs reminded the Syrians displaced of its continuous calls to them to return to their country and that all efforts will be exerted to facilitate their return and provide for them a decent and dignified living in their towns and villages within the capabilities of the Syrian state, should they wish to return.

Western fake humanitarian regimes of the European Union, the UK (since now it’s out of the EU), and the USA along with their regional stooges and through NGOs and also by pressuring a number of the United Nations organizations, exert enormous pressure on the Syrian state through an unprecedented regime of coercive measures and economic blockade, exerts similar pressure on the displaced Syrians abroad in order to continue the suffering of the Syrian people and use that as a bargaining card in their criminal adventures against Syria. Hiding behind slogans of protecting the displaced Syrians abroad and supporting them by literally abusing them and in many cases killing them to achieve in politics what the USA could not achieve in terror and direct military intervention against the Syrian people for a complete decade now.

The NATO Klan at the United Nations not only boycotted an international conference to help the displaced Syrians return to their country, but they also pressured the United Nations representative in Syria to lower their representation to the conference to an observer level only further impeding the efforts by the Syrian state and its allies in helping tens of thousands of displaced Syrians abroad to return to their towns and villages liberated from the US-sponsored terrorists in many parts of the country.

Note by the Syrian author of this post: Just for comparisons, whenever Israeli attacked Lebanon, and it did that so many times and throughout recent history, tens of thousands of Lebanese sought refuge in Syria, and their Syrian brethren literally thanked the displaced Lebanese for accepting their hospitality.

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    They could simply come back to their country, return to their farms, rebuild their houses with the help of the government as it offered them so many times and live with dignity instead of this humiliation for a hundred dollars a month aid.


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