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Lebanese Security Arrest Two Criminals Forging COVID 19 PCR Tests

Criminals forging COVID 19 PCR test results in Lebanon for travelers to Syria

Lebanese law enforcement security agents arrested two persons forging medical reports proving negative results of COVID 19 for people heading to Syria who did not undergo the tests, Lebanon’s Domestic Security said in a statement.

The two detained persons are Syrians based in the Hazmiyeh suburb in the Lebanese capital Beirut. The arrest came after a tip that unknown persons are forging COVID 19 PCR Test results for people who did not undergo the test by altering the name and date of birth on original test results to reflect the details of beneficiaries in exchange for money.

People heading to Syria need to prove they have undergone a recent PCR test to be allowed to cross the borders.

The Lebanese authorities carried out an intensive security operation to identify and arrest the culprits.

During the arrest, the law enforcement unit found 14 forged COVID 19 PCR reports and a cellphone with 100 images stored on it of other tests. The criminals confessed to carrying out the forgery of test results for persons who did not undergo the test by altering the details of an official test certificate issued by a Lebanese public hospital. The criminals said they sold the certificates for an average of 40 – 60 thousand Lebanese Lira (30 – 40 US dollars) per test to enable them to travel to Syria.

Syria, and Damascus in particular, is witnessing a recent outbreak in the number of COVID 19 cases among returnees who spread the virus to their relatives and people who get in contact with them, at times Syria does not need any further burden, especially with the increased economic terrorism through sanctions imposed illegally and unilaterally by the USA and the EU against the Syrian people that include blocking Syria’s access to international markets that are hostage to the US banking control.

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