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Lebanese Judge Releases Syrian Ship accused by Ukraine of Shipping Stolen Grains

Syrian Ship Laodicea carrying wheat and barley grains docked at Tripoli Seaport in Northern Lebanon سفينة لاويديشا السورية المحملة بالقمح من روسيا في ميناء طرابلس

Lebanese top prosecuting judge ordered the release of the Syrian ship carrying grains that docked at the Lebanese northern seaport of Tripoli, the ship was falsely accused by the Ukrainian embassy in Beirut of stealing Ukrainian grains.

A senior Lebanese judicial source told the British state-aligned news agency Reuters that the Lebanese investigations into the Ukrainian claim that The Laodicea‘s cargo was of grains stolen from Ukrainian stores were untrue, in formal words: ‘no criminal offense committed.’

The ship’s Syrian owners denied carrying any stolen Ukrainian grains, it carries 10,000 tonnes of wheat and barley desperately needed by the hunger-stricken Lebanese people, the owners added that the cargo on the ship was loaded at a seaport in Crimea, Russia, and the grains were loaded from Russian territories, the Ukrainian claims are totally false, the ship’s owners insisted.

This is the second failed attempt by Ukraine to accuse the Syrian and Russians of stealing their grains, the previous one was investigated and refuted by Ukraine’s own ally and Syria’s main enemy, Turkey.

Despite being released by the Lebanese top judicial authority, the ship cannot sail until another judge in Tripoli releases his own, what seems to be politically-motivated seizure order on the ship, Reuters did not elaborate on the reasons for this other seizure order.

Once released, The Laodicea would be heading to a nearby Syrian port, an official from the ship owners company told Reuters.

It seems the Lebanese authorities complying initially with the obviously false Ukrainian claims do not want their people to have bread, the food main staple of the country, complying with the USA through its Kiev puppet regime is their priority over easing the economic problems in their country caused by the blockade imposed on them by the US-led camp of evil does, namely the European Union, IMF, World Bank, Saudi Arabia, and other Gulfies. Their people facing famine that might very much reignite the civil war in Lebanon is fine for them, it seems, as long as their masters abroad are satisfied.

The Zionist puppet regime in Kiev is playing the role assigned to it by its Western handlers which we highlighted in our previous report on the topic of the role of Ukraine in its media stunts to demonize both Russia and Syria because of its own criminal policies against its own people.

In between the Lebanese customs officials withholding essential grains based on the defamatory, evidence-less claim by Ukraine, and the judge’s decree, France’s AFP produced a short sadistic
video on hunger in Lebanon and Lebanese people standing in bread lines for hours.

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  1. Huda Hajjar

    What do you expect from the likes of those controlling Lebanon to the point they made their people hungry, without electricity, and bankrupted them by stealing their bank deposits just to please their masters in Saudi, USA, and Israel.. Can’t talk much about Ukraine, the guy destroyed his country already to please the same masters of those in control in Lebanon.. Hopefully all for the better for the people of Lebanon and for the people of Ukraine.


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