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Lebanese Hezb Allah, Syria, and Iran Break the US Embargo on Lebanon

Oil tankers carrying Iranian oil and diesel Enter Lebanon from Syrian Baniyas Port

Lebanese Hezb Allah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasr Allah warned the US camp earlier this year: ‘If you come to kill me, I will kill you, I will kill you, I will kill you.’ Whether metaphoric or for real, the man is nicknamed ‘The True Promise.’

Today, Thursday 16 September 2021, and as the chief promised, the first delivery of Iranian oil imported through the Syrian port of Baniyas arrived in Lebanon carrying a relief cargo for the oil-strangled country, effectively breaking the US-led embargo on the Iranian oil exports, on the Syrian oil handling, and on the oil-deprived Lebanon.

The ship had to be unloaded in the Syrian port of Baniyas in order to ‘avoid embarrassing the US agents in Lebanon’ who are threatened by the US Treasury they will be sanctioned if they do not follow the US instructions which are very harmful to the ordinary Lebanese people.

Hezb Allah: Oil tankers carrying Iranian oil and diesel Enter Lebanon from Syrian Baniyas Port
The video is also on YouTube and BitChute.
The convoy to break the embargo enters Al-Hermel City in Lebanon

Syria, known for its history of challenging the US plots in the region, accepted the request of the Hezb Allah chief to help facilitate the delivery of the oil, the Syrian authorities not only offered to unload the shipment from the ship at the Syrian port, a direct challenge to the US blockade, storing it in temporary containers and then loading it onto the oil tankers that would drive south to deliver each tanker to its destinations in Lebanon, but it also provided the whole process free of charge, including the tankers, that’s how allies work, allies do not leave their allies behind when needed or exert pressure on them to squeeze out more concessions from them, they empower each other.

The first ship, out of several others, carried diesel and other oil derivates most needed to keep hospitals, bakeries, and electricity generators running. It is not enough, the Lebanese resistance is not oil traders, this is part of a relief shipment with the main purpose is to break the US and Co. embargo on Lebanon and opens the possibility for imports, especially as the winter is approaching fast, and it is cold in the Lebanese mountains.

In addition to the ship that arrived and unloaded and started the delivery of its cargo, there are two other ships due for arrival soon, all carrying oil and derivatives bought from Iran. And above that, the step by Hezb Allah also broke a decade-long boycotting by Lebanese officials from communicating with Syria, their only land neighbor whereas some were tasked to go to the extreme in their enmity to Syria by facilitating the US-led war of terror against the Syrian people, there’s also the theft of tens of billions of dollars worth of deposits by Syrians in Lebanese banks, the propaganda campaign against the Syrian people and their armed forces, and preventing of the Syrian refugees in Lebanon from returning to their homes in Syria.

A top Lebanese delegate of ministers visited Damascus on the 5th of September seeking Syria’s approval to allow the imports of electricity from Jordan and gas from Egypt through Syrian territories.

That is not all, the announcing by Hezb Allah Chief Sayyed Nasr Allah that the first ship carrying the oil from US-embargoed Iran through US-embargoed Syria into US-embargoed Lebanon, also pushed the US ambassador to Lebanon to call the Lebanese President (literally, she called him on his phone) to tell him that she approves the imports of electricity from Jordan and the gas from Egypt through Syria into Lebanon. The US ambassador basically told the Lebanese president that her country is responsible for the blockade on Lebanon that caused all the Lebanese people to suffer for months, and also the isolating of Lebanon from its natural geography, something the US denied for many years and accused the Lebanese resistance of.

Furthermore, if all of the above was already not enough in breaking the US will in the region, a green light was finally given for the birth of the Lebanese government after stalemating for almost 14 months which crippled most of the Lebanese economy, the government which was born on the 10th of September and headed by billionaire Najib Mikati instead of billionaire Saad Hariri who succeeded billionaire Fouad Siniora and was putting obstacles against any other candidate to form a government and in the face of the government of (not a billionaire) University Professor Hassan Diab at the request of Saudi Arabia.

Sayyed Nasr Allah has a long history of keeping his promises, the latest rolling events in the past month are not an exception, the Lebanese resistance chief supported by his allies managed to break a year-long US-Saudi led embargo on his country, and even made the United States of America break its own blockade on Lebanon, Syria, and Iran, how so?

It is no secret, anymore, that the Pentagon and its axis of evil: other NATO member states, Israel, Saudis, and most of the Gulfies, have pledged to establish Greater Israel, a neo-con project that serves the empire in an attempt to keep it holding on for a few more years before its final demise. They have destroyed and destabilized and ruined countries by wars they directly waged: Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya, Lebanon – several times, by proxy terrorists: Syria, Iraq again, the Horn of Africa, Sudan; by puppet regimes installed in a number of countries: Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco, Ukraine, Sudan again, to name a few, and by economic blockade and regimes of sanctions: Syria, Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Venezuela, Cuba, even Russia, and China, and others.

It is also no secret that to achieve its goal in crushing the resistance the evil US-led camp has spent billions over billions of its hard-earned taxpayers’ money to finance its military and terrorist adventures, its mass media propaganda for demonizing, personality assassinating its targets while glorifying rebels (Al Qaeda, ISIS, HTS…) only in the targeted countries whereas crushing less-harming rebellion within its own camp, and for bribing politicians.

We have wealth of examples of each of the above including testimonials from former US politicians and also sitting US politicians like US presidents, NATO officials, MPs, you name it.

What the US has built over many years to distort the image of the resistance spearheaded by the Hezb Allah and mainly the image of its chief Sayyed Hassan Nasr Allah, the latter dismantled within days, the humiliating withdrawal of NATO from Afghanistan helped, however, the main help was the mutual understand, ultimate respect, superior support the axis of civilization gave each other, from China in the far east to Venezuela, through Iran, Syria, Cuba, the resistance in Iraq, and the resistance factions in Gaza, despite all the losses, suffering, and hard work, now we see the approaching demise of the axis of evil, those who now want to take the war directly against China and Russia after failing against Syria and Iran, we can’t wish them good luck there, the officials of NATO and Co must be held accountable for all the crimes they committed against humanity and now they’re committing by oppressing their own people.

Nasr Allah warned the US forces in the region: ‘Those who came to our region vertical and didn’t leave will leave our region horizontal.’

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  1. Huda Hajjar

    Half of them betrayed us and conspired against us and killed our refugees in their country and we challenge america for them send them the tankers for free :(


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