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Lebanese Hezb Allah Shoots Down an Israeli Drone with ‘Suitable Weapon’

Lebanese Hezb Allah captures Israeli drone over southern Lebanon

Hezb Allah, the Lebanese Islamic resistance movement said it has shot down an Israeli drone using a ‘suitable weapon’ over southern Lebanon, Israeli media later admitted after Hezb’s media showed pictures of the drone.

Hezb Allah media said in a statement that ‘at 13:55 of this afternoon, Thursday, the Islamic Resistance fighters managed to shoot down a drone of the Israeli enemy in the Maryamin Valley in the outskirts of the town of Yater in southern Lebanon, by targeting the drone with suitable weapons.’

Israeli breaching of the Lebanese air space using military drones is a daily routine, no condemnation is heard from the United Nations whose officials usually flood the UN headquarters building with their crocodile tears crying for Al Qaeda terrorists in northern Syria when targeted by the Syrian or Russian armies, similarly, the express of upset we heard from not only UN officials, but also officials from NATO, the Gulfies, and even many Lebanese officials working for the Saudis when Hezb Allah managed to break the US/ EU/ Gulfies embargo on importing fuel to Lebanon from Iran through Syria, they called a breach of Lebanon’s sovereignty!

We never heard condemnations from those same officials when Israel bombs Syrian territories from over the Lebanese air spaces and mostly from behind civilian airplanes hoping the Syrian air defense systems would respond and endanger the larger birds in the skies, air defense missiles use heat-seeking technologies and get enticed with larger and slower objects in its path.

This latest development came after the Lebanese Hezb Allah, with its allies in the Axis of Resistance, have collectively asserted its strength in land warfare, sea warfare, and increasingly in the air warfare, all previously dominated by the United States of America and its NATO lapdogs. The Axis of Resistance includes Syria, Iran, Iraq’s PMU, the Yemeni Armed Forces, the resistance factions in Gaza, in addition to Hezb Allah (wrongly spelled as Hezbollah by western media and by the Hezb’s media, sometimes).

Hezb Allah has an open account not yet settled with Israel after the latter killed a Hezb Allah soldier in a late-night air raid near Damascus, the Lebanese resistance party vowed to avenge the heinous crime committed in July 2020 which led to the Israeli IDF terrorists hastily fleeing their posts in the northern regions of occupied Palestine, not showing up until this very day.

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