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Law Enforcement Seize Israeli Weapons and Drugs in the Southern Region

Syrian law enforcement seize quantities of weapons - munition - drugs in southern region

Syrian law enforcement seized a new stash of weapons, explosives, Captagon pills, and drugs in the southern region left behind by the defeated NATO-sponsored terrorist groups.

Law enforcement units with the help of locals in the town of Kanaker in Damascus southwestern countryside seized amounts of highly-explosive C4 substances.

The law enforcement units operating in Damascus southwestern countryside, in particular in the Bariqa town in Quneitar countryside found and seized Western-made weapons, PKC machine guns, RPGs, radio communication devices, anti-personnel landmines, and Israeli-made anti-tank mines.

More drugs and medicines, also some of them are made in Israel with US taxpayers’ money, were found by the law enforcement units in the northern countryside of Quneitra.

Large quantities of weapons, munition, advanced communication short and medium-range and satellite communication devices, medicines, and drugs continue to be found by the locals in the areas cleaned from NATO-sponsored terrorists all over the country who in turn contact the law enforcement in their regions to handle them, unfortunately, many of the landmines, IEDs, and other munition are found by children or farmers working on their farms and are blown up in them leaving hundreds of casualties killed and maimed.

In December 2018, the Russian Ministry of Defense set up a special museum to display samples of some of the weapons left behind by the terrorists in Syria displaying some of the most advanced weapons and gears that astonished the museum’s visitors including President Putin himself:

NATO-sponsored ‘freedom fighters’ and ‘democracy promoters’ in Syria, and in other areas where they operated, are highly dependant on drugs to enable them to commit the most heinous crimes without hesitating and with no remorse.

Weapons, munition, and drugs are not cheap, yet, the western taxpayers prioritize funding Israel and terrorist groups to acquire these killing tools instead of using their hard-earned tax money to build their own countries, house their homeless people, feed their hungry ones, cover their own relatives’ medical treatment, and relief their own children from the student loans.

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    The Westerners are very rich they dump their money to these primitive terrorists just to kill and destroy countries that are so far from those willful idiot westerners where their politicians and the owners of their politicians tell them they’re spreading democracy and freedoms in their names while stealing them and us in the process.

  2. James Graham

    Yes. First, you have the low of the low. Then you have the US/Allies’ death squads who are off the dial and exist on the extreme outer limits of inhumanity. The real horror of it all is knowing they were children once. The ultimate crime is with those who drove them and led them down this path to Hell on earth. The founding fathers and friends of evil.


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