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Law Enforcement Should Apprehend alQaeda White Helmets


Law enforcement should apprehend alQaeda White Helmets, worldwide.  They should be indicted for crimes against humanity and tried in The Hague, or they should be returned to Syria to be prosecuted for torture, kidnappings, and mass murders of Syrian citizens, including children and soldiers.  al-Qaeda is rightfully considered a terrorist gang by most countries in the world.  It is unlikely that these countries would indict the al-Qaeda White Helmets, though, as the leaders of these countries — that have armed them, funded them, and invited them for meetings — would also have to be indicted as the war criminals that they are.  Also indictable are the warmongering journalists who breach the Nuremberg Statute prohibiting crimes against peace.

White Helmets savages in Daraa, abusing corpses of Syrian soldiers they slaughtered. Imagine if the soldiers were French, British, American.

Instead of law enforcement locking them up, al Qaeda White Helmets have been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, have won an Oscar for a mini-fraudumentary, and were nominated for an Oscar for a full-length one. Instead of being locked up, these terrorists are now the source of virtually all AP and Reuters wire services, the lying criminals of the UN source them, and Heather Nauert has become their press liaison — though the US taxpayer still picks up her check.

Though paid with US taxes, Nauert has become the press liaison of alQaeda White Helmets.


Nauert has yet explain the anomaly of being on the side of Saudi alQaeda terrorist Muhaysini, who is on the SDN ‘kill list.’


Founded by British intelligence and wetwork operative James Le Mesurier (for this war crime, he was rewarded with knighthood), funded by MI6 and CIA, headquartered in the Caliphate of Erdoganstan, these minions of Iblis have themselves provided all the evidence needed to charge and convict them.  Despite hundreds of millions in funding from western governments this gang still does not own one stethoscope, does not perform CPR, does not engage in essential spinal precautions.  The fake First Responder thugs do have SCUBA and snorkeling gear, and last year videoed themselves recovering a drowned boy — in a chilling circumstance that suggested the child may have been killed for snuff porn (not the first time, either. The al-Qaeda White Helmets removed their Khan Sheikhoun video, which showed not only do they have natural immunity against GB, but that they were involved in the slaughter of children.  Multiple screengrabs in the hyperlinked Minions report.  Pathologically, 60 Minutes used bits of their video in its recent anti-Syria propaganda piece. More of their photos, here).

alQaeda. White Helmets.  Note the ISIS flag upper le

If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck…when Jahbat al Nusra changed its name & claimed it amicably broke with alQaeda, even the Pentagon stated it was still alQaeda

For an efficient visual comparison of what the al Qaeda White Helmets do, and how they are revered in the west, this side by side video shows them engaged in murder and being provided the royal carpet in Paris (Hollande had a long history of arming them, calling for the assassination of Syria’s president, and even sending a hit team.):

al-Qaeda & alQaeda White Helmets; can you spot the difference? Imagine this foto taken in NYC, Paris, or London.


Alas, the 5th column activities of the sleaze Hollywood elite was not limited to nominating the stethoscope-less alQaeda White Helmets for their most cherished award.  Simply hosing them down with Chlorox, giving them a good shave and putting them into tuxedos would have been shameless enough.  In a self-aggrandizing free fall into its own sewers of moral depravity, the fake #MeToo gang did its best to weave terrorism, child abuse, and feminism into one nasty morass of turpitude.  Best described as the banalization of terrorism and cruelty, on stage with rapper/actor Common was the adorable Bana, who once tweeted her 7 year old support for World War III.  As he blew kisses to himself — I stand for peace, love, and women’s rights — he demonstrated his stunning willful ignorance.  How could he (and the rest of the elitists) not know that wherever the alQaeda White Helmets are in Syria, women are kept hidden from sight.  How could he not know — while complaining about guns in the US — that Bana’s baba was an armed terrorist in Syria, before ‘fleeing’ to Turkey?  Common was later cheered by neolib media for his courage.  This is the new synonym for stupidity, and ignorance and warmonger.

Bana’s terrorist daddy, locked and loaded.
Bana’s armed daddy was a member of alQaeda White Helmets in Aleppo.
According to Hollywood, guns are bad unless they are in the hands of al-Qaeda White Helmets in Syria.
American English writing 7 yr old tweets for WWIII, without internet

Hollywood, ignorant of the past and current history of women in Syria, has never complained of Syrian women in Jordanian and Turkish camps being rented to sex tourists, of Syrian women kidnapped, raped, forced into fake marriages (raped), and massacred by various al-Qaeda factions in Syria.

Ambassador al Ja’afari’s reports on the rape of Syrian women by foreign terrorists have been ignored by the UN.
Some of the massacred in Aqareb al Safiyeh village, hours before US bombed Syrian convoy.
Who wept for these Syrian women, massacred in al Zahra, whose corpses were then abused?

There was no Hollywood #MeToo! for these Syrian women, caged by beloved terrorists in Eastern Ghouta, used as human shields and to traumatize the Syrians living under their brutal occupation.

Hollywood elite excludes Syrian women captives from #MeToo!


Though they did not receive an award, this time, the terrorists’ celebrity status — round two — further normalized [deep state] MSM using them as sole source uncorroborated material. al-Qaeda White Helmets announced a chemical attack in Hamoryah, and the media regurgitated.

Goebbels Big Lie from MailOnline AND AFP.

This source provided as evidence photos from the Helmets.  As they are terrorists and not First Responders, they do not know that the rule of emergency health care is if you can scream, you can breathe (in pre-verbal babies, crying equals screaming).

A crying baby is a breathing baby. This poor baby was probably crying from being manhandled & forced to wear a face mask.
No distress seen here, though these two kids have been FX’d with ‘gray rubble’ hair, & soot. Weirdly barefooted.

AFP author is likely the morally repugnant man who takes photos of boys having their shoulders torn for emotional impact — and who also does deliberately monochrome work with the splash of color trope.

Moral responsibility dictates no one fall prey to the sadistic, warmongering hyenas who torture and murder children as photo opportunities.

This report squeezed in the lie that food supplies had been halted; this lie was refuted by the ICRC in Syria.

ICRC Syria tweeted that there was no suspension in delivery.
Convoy of 46 lorries led by the Red Crescent & associates delivers aid to Ghouta.

Facts have never stood in the way of anti-Syria criminal propaganda.  Therefore, it is of no matter that the Syrians of Hamoryah raised the Syrian flag the day after the fake chemical attack…reported by al-Qaeda White Helmets.

Hamoryah People Raise the Syrian Flag in Main Square

The Washington Post took the Goebbels Big Lie to a new depravity.  Requiring the creative juices of six (6) scriptwriters, it headlined with support for Trump to bomb Syria for alQaeda, and then mixed things up a bit, citing the SAMS ghouls, and under its National Security section (no explanation of how criminal lies by terrorists against Syria relates to US security mandates was given).  As unevidence as evidence of the unchemical attack on the 5 March, the piece contained a SAMS video dated 25 February.  Again, no women were visible.  Again, half-naked babies were seen in no distress.

WaPo, 5 March, showing video of 25 February.


Twitter was standard operating procedure:  Deep state MSM, gazillion dollar NGOs, neolib media pimped the lies of the al-Qaeda White Helmets terrorists, no questions asked.  Undoctor and Trump guru Shajul Islam, the British illegal once indicted in his native country on terrorism charges, the man who had his medical license permanently revoked in his homeland, the savage who was the lone source of the GB hoax in Khan Sheikhoun, shared the Helmets’ photographs.  Despite the draconian sanctions imposed upon Syria, the undoctor freely fundraises, and via a British ‘charity’ that is under investigation by Britain.

Undoctor & Trump’s Svengali, British illegal Shajul Islam is trying to work his wonders again.

Most ghastly, though was to see the horrible photo originally posted by the terrorist Helmets being circulated by Annie Sparrow.  The al-Sham is another Syria-hating, terrorists’ supporting NGO created to make money from Syrian blood.  Founded in December 2012 — between the first and second chemical threats by the original al-Qaeda in the SAR, the FSA — it is of course registered in Erdoganstan.

Sparrow, a physician, is the estranged wife of HRW head Ken Roth (estranged as she spends most of her time an illegal in the SAR or in Turkey).  As consistently criminal as these two have been, her sharing of the photo was beyond disgusting.

Degenerate post mortem care.

This author gave her the same reply given two days earlier to the al-Qaeda White Helmets:  The civilized perform post-mortem care with respect & dignity.  Only degenerates who brutalize, kidnap, & murder children would pimp such ugliness.



Perhaps weary of the stethoscope question, alQaeda Helmets blocked @miriwood

It is doubtful that the fake swamp drainer will recover from his amnesia, and return to the promises of entente offered in his unprecedented acceptance speech.

Trump’s words of entente, before draining the swamp into his circulatory system.

Law enforcement should apprehend al-Qaeda White Helmets worldwide.

It could be done without the arrests of the unindicted war criminals who fund, arm, and disseminate their vicious propaganda.  Their masters can always play feign ignorance, as did Colin Powell and the 57% of the Democratic Senate — including Clinton — who supported the genocide of Iraq.

Lock them up.

— Miri Wood

UPDATE 7 MARCH:  SAMS ghouls tweet states:  “It looks that the reported ‘#Chlorine’ attack in Ghouta [Hamo yesterday was due to irritating fumes from high potency explosives after all.”

alQaeda admits no chlorine attack.

At this time there is no word from the Trump regime on whether it is rethinking its potential sadoerotic punishment of Syria because alQaeda lied.


Photo tutorial on the brutal al-Qaeda White Helmets.

Omitted from Hollywood’s #MeToo fraud:

[iframe src=”” width=”100%” height=”500″]

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  1. falcemartello

    I beg to differ when you refer to this show of support for the takfiri’sis from shear ignorance
    This plan to have failed states and destroying the whole of the Magreb finishing off with Iran was thought of and planned way back in the late 1990’s . Their test run was Yugoslavia. Chattam House and the Atlantic Council had written papers on it. Their plan was to have North America and western Europe with sovereign states and the rest of the world to be all dysfunctional. They were aware of the Sino/Chinese plan OBOR one Bridge and Road economic initiative. Further more when Qadaffi announced the initiation of the Gold backed African Dinar and the establishment of an African Investment Bank with its Central branch in Congo to help with African economic investment that got the alarm bells going from the Western Central Banks which would have brought their ponzi fiat money scheme to an earlier than expected demise.


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