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Lavrov about the S-300 for Syria

Russian S-300 Source:

Lavrov about the S-300 for Syria – Official stuff. From an interview with the Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov for the Lebanese news portal Al-Mayadden on 13 May 2013 and the interview has been published on the website of the Foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation (RF):

(The original interview was published in the Russian language course on the website of the Foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation (RF).

We have taken the German translation of the blog, which is linked below, as the basis for the English version. We have to thank the owner of this blog, as usual.)

Russian arms supplies to Syria – Interview

Question: Sergey Viktorovich, on 10 May this year, you have once again confirmed in Warsaw that Russia wants to execute the delivery of air defense systems to Syria, according to the contracts signed several years ago. In this context, Israel, which has recently carried out an air attack on Syria, expressed concerns and has said that this is about the type systems of S-300. Is that so?

S.W. Lavrov: I would like to reiterate that we have not signed any new contracts, but we only fulfill old contracts (and some have already been fulfilled), which are about air defense systems.

Those who are not planning any aggressive acts against a sovereign state, have not to worry about it, because air defense systems, as the name implies, are pure defense systems, which are required for defense against attacks from the air. By doing so, we do not infringe any laws and we do not want to lose our reputation as a reliable supplier.

Question: In early May, the Israeli Air Force has attacked objects on the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic. The Foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation has then published a statement in which it stated, that Moscow has to analyze and to investigate this incident in order to draw relevant conclusions.

Some have interpreted your remarks in Warsaw as a certain response to the events around the air raid. Can one interpret the statements of the Russian side as an aid for Syria, thus strengthening its air defense in order to avoid future such air attacks?

S.W. Lavrov: Already from the request, air defense systems get delivered to the country, which acquires them, in order to protect them from air attacks. However, the contracts at this issue here were signed long before the air raids on Syria last year and now.

When we said that we want to investigate all the circumstances of this case, we have already clarified many things for us. We wanted to know exactly what targets were affected by the attacks. In our estimation, these goals do actually belong in the range of the function of the military defense of Syria. I do not want to lose into the details here…


It makes no sense to doubt the Minister’s remarks – it is also clear that such complex questions can not be decided within a few days. Something else is important here – what Lavrov did not say but what is to conclude from his words. It is clearly and unambiguously said that the supply of air defense systems is a matter which will no more be discussed. The contracts will be fully satisfied.

After the laborious Punch-and-Judy show and the abandonment of the delivery of analog systems to Iran, one could have some increasing doubts in terms of the Syrian deals, of course. We probably will never know all the internals of this current story. But for now, the questions came to an end. It starts with the answers.

Russian S-300  Source:
Russian S-300

Russian S-300 for Syria

So far, the S-300 air defense system were not able to assert themselves outside of test scenarios.

In order to test the function and efficiency of these systems, the Israelis, Turks and other “patrons of the Syrian people” will have to take the risks on their own caps.

A version of what it might bringt or what it is about, or whether it is useful, was published here at TomGard.

PS: In the news two years ago, the talk was about specific modifications of the S-300 air defense system for Syria – the S-300 PMU-1 and Tor-M1

Source: apxwn

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    • Arabi Souri

      Because that 'reliable' supplier accept foreign pressure easily not looking at the bigger picture and that they themselves are on the radar of western powers. Maybe they started to realize that now.

  1. karin

    Agreed w/ author.

    This could well be a game of cat and mouse. One thing for sure neither Putin or Lavrov are novice players and as I always state, they play chess while US plays checkers.

    These units may well be in Syria, but I have a feeling they are in Iran for the final conflict ?

    some days I feel like I understand the geopolitical game and then next day a new twist comes into play :(

    Frustrating at the very least. I will read more and try to find better venues.

    Thank you Arabi Souri for all you work here. I'm sure many people besides myself appreciate your hard work and efforts.

    Long Live the Republic of Syria

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