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Last Terrorists of Douma: Jaish, Helmets & SAMS Collaborate in Massacre

Al Qaeda normalized in Syria, Taliban condemned in Afghanistan

The last terrorists of Douma have engaged in a ghastly repeat of the heinous atrocities in Khan Sheikhoun, just days after the first anniversary of their slaughter, there.  Though the dominant alQaeda faction there is alNusra, the supportive characters of the US and British intelligence funded  White Helmets and the US-based, CNN and State Department approved NGO, SAMS remain the same.  As with the Khan Sheikhoun slaughter, the purpose of the Douma ‘snuff porn’ slaughter is to incite the swamp-drunk Trump to again bomb Syrian soldiers and ‘collateral damage civilians,’ based on the lies of alQaeda.  

The week before the mass murder in Khan Sheikhoun, 250 civilians were kidnapped from nearby villages Majal and Khattab.  On 4 April 2017, it was CNN — terrorists most trusted name in news — which broke the report.  CNN’s chief source was the British illegal, Shajul Islam, embedded with alNusra-still-on-US-and-UN-terror-lists.  He is the guy who was indicted on terrorism charges in his native UK, the guy whose medical license was permanently revoked in his native UK.

Terrorist UK national illegally in Syria was source of GB hoax in Khan Sheikhoun
Syria-hating MSMS did not notice that British Nusra spokesman Shajul Islam had his medical license permanently revoked.

One and one-half days before the last terrorists of Douma lied about chemical weapons, abductees housed in the alQaeda last terrorists prison, Tobah, were moved.

Saudi-Sponsored Jaysh al-Islam Drove Women and Children in Cages in Pick-up Vehicles on Douma Streets

With much of Eastern Ghouta having been cleansed of foreign-owned, last terrorists, an agreement was reached with the Saudi faction of alQaeda in Syria, Jaish al Islam, to be sent to Erdoganstan-occupied Jarabalus.  Almost 3,000 human beasts and their families had gotten on the buses, before the Douma terrorists changed their minds, and the terrorists launched new rounds of bombing of Damascus residential neighborhoods.  Deep state msm — always on the side of the last terrorists — defended the Jaish alQaeda faction, claiming that its “rocket and artillery” brigade “denied targeting residential areas,” instead attacking the SAR’s right to defend its citizens against terrorist mortars, missiles, and rockets.

By late February, terrorists had bombed Damascus with almost 2,200 mortars, missiles, and rockets, martyring dozens and wounding hundreds.  Syria’s Diplomat Ja’afari reported this, and warned of a chemical plot, neither of which was of concern to the UN hyenas, shedding crocodile tears for the besieged last terrorists, before having a dance party.  

Cui bono from a mass slaughter?  A government that has been winning a war inflicted upon it from all corners of the earth?  The various sects of the last terrorists — the malignant sociopaths dumped into the SAR, and the almost infinite number of NGOs that have grown fat from the blood of Syrians?

Who heard of SAMS before CNN and the UN gave them a stage to spew criminal propaganda against Syria?  This gang never released the Tennari video shown at a UN ”closed door meeting,” never explained  its statistically impossible surgeries during last year’s “Jordan mission” (nor admitted to lying about them or engaging in human vivisection).

This NGO is a member of the last terrorists, and now holds fundraisers every month.

Around since 1998?

The expected media criminals have engaged in their support of the last terrorists of Douma, and their chemical lies. CNN’s Frederik Pleitgen gave a very somber report, while a cobbled video on a loop showed gray steps, a bombed building, and a White Helmets’ clip of children being terrified and manhandled.


Independent journalist Vanessa Beeley offered an advisory warning on Facebook:  Before you believe the CNN warmongers in Damascus.  Their poster boy of war, Frederick Pleitgen was with me when we visited a terrorist chemical weapons lab in Irbin Eastern Ghouta two days ago.  He does not mention it in his sensationalized report “live” from Damascus.  Nor does he mention the estimated 3500 plus prisoners being held by Jaish Al Islam terrorists in their “repentance” prisons, many women and children among them who are very probably now being murdered to produce the last ditch chemical weapon attack — UK was previously posturing that they will attack Syria if this CW attack is proven…and we know what proof means to these criminals.

Beeley’s detailed report, “The Egregious Western Media ‘Chemical Weapon’ Fraud in Eastern Ghouta,” here.

Vanessa Beeley: “The look he gave m when I started to film their interview.”

Given CNN’s awful criminal history against the Syrian Arab Republic, from the propaganda, to Clarissa Ward’s multiple illegal entries into the country, to significant evidence that CNN and illegal al Khanzeera could have been involved with the March 2012 bombings of the Homs refinery, this writer was astonished that any creep employed by the illicit medium would be granted legal entry under any circumstance.

The people in charge of our media are despicable, and you can quote me on this. — a Syrian, on how Pleitgen came to spew criminal propaganda from Damascus.

Though not a household name, Elliot BM Higgins, once an unemployed gamer, has been given mephistophelean employment at the Atlantic Council, for his work as a last terrorists mouthpiece.

From ladies underwear salesman to unemployed gamer to think tank ‘fellow.’

In May 2013, when the British blob BM considered wobbling into Aleppo, American terrorist/illegal Matthew Vandyke warned him that the FSA alQaeda gang had chemical weapons, and was willing to use them against civilians and some of their own, to blame on the Assad government; Vandyke also noted that Syria’s president had no need of using CWs, and were it not for alNusra and other foreign terrorists, the fake revolution against the SAR would have been short-lived.

VanDick & BM hacked correspondence.
The dick warned the turd that terrorists had CWs.

AFP’s White House correspondent and Fox News foreign correspondent tweeted their support for alQaeda in a plausible deniability sarcasm mode.

AFP & Fox correspondents fake hid support for alQaeda against Syria via ‘sarcasm.’

One added a bit more sarcasm:


In a slightly less Orwellian world — one in which perpetrators and victims were properly identified — journalists engaged in crimes against peace would be indicted, tried, convicted, and sentenced, under Nuremberg Principle VI, (a)(ii):  Participation in a common plan or conspiracy for the accomplishment of any of the acts mentioned under (i).

Nuremberg VI on crimes against peace.

In addition to AFP’s standard criminal lies against Syria, appearing to be on the AFP/Getty payroll is White Helmets last photographer in Ghouta, Abdulmonam Eassa.  Eassa has either broken this child’s shoulder or watched as other members of the last terrorists did, to enhance a more dramatic pose.

Moral responsibility dictates no one fall prey to the sadistic, warmongering hyenas who torture and murder children as photo opportunities.
The hyenas rip apart this boy’s body, and AFP takes emotional war pornography photo. 21 February.

Fake conservative Fox News is as much deep state as other criminal media sources.  Editorially, it has consistently supported war crimes against the SAR; it has pimped out armed terrorists as “opposition,” and has given its audience to American terrorist Vandyke, to fund raise for his mercenary militia.  Fake conservative Fox never questioned that the source of the Khan Sheikhoun atrocities and lies was a de-licensed, British illegal.  It continues to use alQaeda last terrorists — White Helmets, SAMS, Jaish al Islam via the other two — to cite its war propaganda against Syria.

Renaming terrorists “medics” does not absolve Fox of vetting its sources.

Donald J. Trump, the most recent war criminal to sit in the Oval Office, continues to voice his solidarity with the last terrorists of Douma.  He will make a decision within 24-48 hours on whether he will make a big, big, really big war crime against Syria for alQaeda.

Swamp-drunk Trump has repeated his tweet at a news conference.

Though it is impossible for anyone to be as stupid as Trump is acting, all of the MSM, all of the blood-sucking NGOs (and now even the ICRC is trying to fundraise off the lies of alQaeda terrorists) are contributing to the oOrwelliancriminal propaganda that buoy his fake stupidity.

It is, therefore, necessary to expose the fraudulent evidence of the last terrorists of Douma — which include the demonic White Helmets — so that people can see, exactly, is being used as a cover story for considering another bombing of the Syrian Arab Republic, by the United States of America.

The following video was uploaded by the terrorists, themselves.  The viewer will notice some of the White Helmets labels, though more recognizable is their cruel treatment of stolen children, their lack of stethoscopes, and their obsession with stealing shoes from the corpses of their murder victims.  As the video, jammed with men looking busy, might be a bit overwhelming, we offer a bullet list of strange things to notice, and a few screengrabs to examine in this fake clinical setting.

  • terrorists claimed a chemical attack, yet nobody is wearing protective garb, and none is being stricken
  • the terrorist Helmets and SAMS consistently claim large numbers of women injured; where are they?
  • medical equipment consists of exactly one IV pole with one IV bag, not being used.
  • there is not a single stethoscope to be seen, though one man wears scrubs, and a few others wear useless surgical (paper) masks.
  • red coloring has been added to the water on the floor, suggesting blood, yet nobody is seen bleeding.
  • note the half-naked children, again.
  • there is no sign of a single person showing symptoms of respiratory distress. Half naked babies sadistically hosed down with cold water are chilled, afraid, and shivering.  Shivering is not seizure activity.
  • dressed children standing in line look afraid. One boy is brusquely grabbed by the head, an inhaler shoved into his mouth, before he is saturated with water.
  • half-naked baby, shivering from the water hose, gets inhalers shoved into her mouth.  She is then flipped over, and savage form of chest PT is banged on her back before the inhaler is shoved back into her mouth.
  • note that there are no mothers with these children being abused.  Mothers are always missing from White Helmets/SAMS videos. 
Now soaked boy wipes water from his eyes. Baby on the bed is soaked & shivering.
This is the wet, shivering, naked baby who gets an inhaler shoved into her mouth before getting her back beaten.
Kids are scared. Whose are they? Helmets twist boy’s head, force inhaler into his mouth. Both get drenched with the water hose. Temp around 11 celsius/52 Fahrenheit.
Another wet, naked, shivering & MOTHERLESS child.

Warning:  At 1:51, the video abruptly moves from the fake clinic where no health care is provided, but where motherless children are abused, to the fake shelter that the last terrorists called a “shelter.”  It shows no signs of ever having been a shelter.  It is simply the place where murder victims of the serial killers have literally dumped several corpses.

Here we find the women missing from all fraudulent rescue and fake health care propaganda photos and videos. The word femicide is never used by the legitimate morons who actually believe that these serial killers are “first responders.”

These several bodies have been dumped, like garbage, and yet nobody notices?  The terrorists, including the Helmets, have previously taken videos of slaughtered SAA soldiers, taken to a dump site (where their corpses were mutilated). These monsters repeat their horrific actions, at every opportunity.

There is no way that these murder victims died on the spot from a “chemical weapon.”  Their positioning makes that impossible.  Though most of the corpses show similar time of death, a couple of children are still in rigor, and at least one of the murdered men is seen in an extended state of decomposition.  The shoes of the murdered men have all been stolen, and one must have worn a nice pair of pants, as they have been stolen, too.

Note that the bodies are gender segregated.  The women’s and children’s corpses are together, while the few men’s corpses are in another section.  In the repugnant, Saudi Wahhabi degeneracy, murder is okay.  Kidnapping and abusing children is a mitzvah.  But decaying corpses must never, ever, be left to rot in the same room (in Khan Sheikhoun, also, the Helmets and Nusra terrorists showed a proclivity toward necrophilia, particularly that involving children.).

UPDATE: As Syria News readers have likely noticed by now, whenever we dissect the videos provided by the terrorists, showing the evidence that they are the ones that have committed the atrocities, the evidence is removed:

UPDATE continued: This is the original video provided by the terrorists to the western media to use justify the NATO attack that occurred three days after this report was published. Bits and pieces of these scenes of tormenting terrified, kidnapped children, and of the dumped corpses in the stolen home were used by dozens of MSM to beat the war drums for the war criminal ”humanitarian bombing” that was to come.

If you have been able to only watch the sadistic treatment of motherless children in the fake clinic, above, compare it to this short clip, taken in an actual hospital, where doctors and nurses cleaned her wounds and made balloons from gloves to make her happy.  The little girl is named Shahd.

Shahd was one of the survivors of the terrorist massacre in al Rashidin, 15 April 2017.  Upwards of 140 — mostly women and children — were slaughtered while awaiting an exchange of terrorists for abductees.  That immense bloodshed got little MSM coverage, as there was no way to blame the government for the butchery of the terrorists.

The last terrorists have been cleansed from Douma; therefore, Israel bombed Syria’s T4 Military Airport, to help ISIS regroup.

The last terrorists have been cleansed from Douma; therefore, Trump threatens to bomb Syria, based on the lies of alQaeda monsters, to help ISIS regroup.  There can be no perpetual war without a perpetual enemy.

Trump: ‘Long live the fake Syrian revolution!’

Miri Wood, RNc

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