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Landmines Planted by Terrorists Kill 3 More Syrian Civilians


Landmines planted by, and left behind by migratory, moderate opposition terrorists have claimed the lives of another 3 Syrian civilians. Five others were injured, some seriously, when an anti-tank landmine exploded in Tal Maragha, in the eastern countryside of Hama on the border with Aleppo, on 8 January.

The criminal atrocities involving landmines are as frequent as war criminal slaughter of Syrian civilians as to make one cynically consider creating a template, and simply changing the places and the death tolls. Last November, a 13 year old girl had her leg blown off, and her brother was seriously injured by landmines explosion. General Issam Zahreddine was martyred by them in October 2017.

Do not anticipate western media reporting on such insignificant horrors in the Syrian Arab Republic. Alleged neutral media have been engaged in crimes against peace since the beginning of the crisis. Alleged conservative media were blinded to the fact that Trump followed “fake news CNN” to engage in war crimes against Syria, based on reports from an illegal Brit, an undoctor whose license to practice medicine was revoked for his involvement in terrorist activities.

Reputed independent, liberal media are too busy reporting on a retired porn celebrity live-streaming in her underwear, to sully their “beautiful minds” with any report on deaths by landmines funded by western tax dollars.

WaPo gloated about terrorists in Syria receiving US TOWS.

Let us also remember that every segment of professional western media was engaged in mourning over the liberation from terrorists and the reunification of Aleppo City, to bother mentioning that Russian sappers cleared almost 1,000 hectares of the city from landmines and other IEDs, including many found in abandoned schools — which had been stolen by the savages — and in children’s toys.

Do not dare use the word “conspiracy” when discussing the international campaign to destroy this small country with an immense history dating back thousands of years, or you will hear snickering and also be provided with evidence of the need for those “tin foil hats” by way of YouTube censoring channels of truth about Syria, and of PayPal accounts being shut down.

Above all, extinguish all hope to find any condemnation of these new civilian deaths by landmines, from social media “activists” who smugly consider themselves “liberals;” they are still busy in the conjugal visits in cyberspace, chatting about the color of the retired pornographer’s undies, and whining over the resignation of the Butcher of Fallujah, “Mad Dog” Mattis.

Nothing quite spells out the success of the CIA’s Operation Mockingbird, as the current state of “liberalism” in the West. This ilk has been the hugest proponent of NATO war crimes, and has stood firmly on the side of rapists, kidnappers, perpetrators of femicide , and other factions of the criminally insane in Syria.

In breaking news of another military victory, SANA reports that Syrian Arab Army units are currently crushing takfiri savages who have been occupying Ltamenah, and from where rockets, mortars, and missiles have been fired into Mhardeh on multiple occasions, resulting in massacres of Syrian civilians.

ltamenah takfiri getting crushed

This news will likely come as a devastating blow to UC Berkeley‘s “Human Rights Lab” propagandists, as their lying report on chemical weapons was largely based on the prominent terrorist gang of Ltamenah, Jaish al Ezza, owned by the House of Saud.

Baboons — er, ‘medics’? — keep busy when not building unhospitals in Ltamenah.

Miri Wood

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