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Landmine Explosion Kills 3 Children from the Same Family near Daraa

Landmine explosion in Syria - file photo انفجار لغم ارضي في سورية

A landmine explosion devastated a Syrian family in the northern countryside of Daraa killing three children from the same family yesterday in the Al Kutaybah suburb of Kherbet Ghazalah town.

Two of the children were killed immediately while their little sister succumbed to her wounds after reaching the hospital, local sources reported.

The children were identified as Madyan Yahya Abu Shanab, Muhammad Yahya Abu Shanab, and their sister Nada Yahya Abu Shanab.

Syria continues bleeding from these killing tools planted in their tens of thousands all over the areas they infested throughout the past decade, the defeated terrorists and their NATO sponsors refuse to hand over the maps showing where the US and European taxpayers’ funded explosives are planted.

We have dozens of reports about these ongoing war crimes in Syria here on Syria News, even reporting the incidents about these explosions is an overwhelming task by itself due to the large number of them, it also requires sourcing information from all over the country and verifying the information from official and local sources.

UNMAS, the United Nations Mine Action Service, continues to fail the Syrian people by not providing the proper needed help, the US and EU blockade on Syria’s banking sector and Syrian-based businesses deprive the country of importing the needed tools to demine the areas liberated from the terrorists, and the country is dependant on its own efforts and the little aid it receives from friendly countries like Russia and Armenia, compared to the massive work needed.

In addition to planting military mines, the US-sponsored ‘freedom fighters’ and ‘democracy spreading’ head-choppers were very creative when making their IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices) to the extent they molded some as household items, and planted others inside children toys, this latest landmine attracted the young children to play with it thinking it was some kind of a toy when it blew up dismembering their little bodies.

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