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Landmine and IED Explosions Kill 2 Syrian Children and a Farmer Today

Landmine and IED explosion in Syria

An IED – Improvised Explosive Device killed 2 children in Duma, Damascus countryside, today, and a farmer was killed by a landmine explosion in the Hama countryside.

The 11 and 4 years-old children were killed instantly when an ‘unknown object’ exploded in them near Al-Maksar Road in the city of Duma, the children were brothers from the same family, a police source stated to the Syrian News Agency SANA.

This follows another explosion of an unknown object in the same city that badly injured a 13-years old child by shrapnel in different parts of his body just a few days earlier.

Terrorists of the US-sponsored Nusra Front (Al Qaeda Levant) and their Saudi-sponsored Jaysh Islam affiliate planted the regions they infested with all sorts of explosives and left when defeated by the Syrian Arab Army and its allies without providing any maps of the landmines and the IEDs they planted underground and in toys, household items, and inside furniture.

Today also, a landmine explosion claimed the life of a farmer in the Jubbayn village farms in the northwestern countryside of Hama province, Central Syria.

The farmer, unnamed, was plowing his land in the farms of Jubbayn to the north of Mahardeh town when a landmine detonated in his tractor killing him immediately and destroying his tractor, this must have been a larger size of landmine planted by the US-sponsored ‘freedom fighters’ and ‘peaceful protesters’ as they are referred to by western politicians and their mainstream media propaganda arm.

In the past couple of months there was an increase in these explosions and hundreds of civilians, especially children, and farmers, were killed and maimed, the children with explosive devices, some as toys, and the farmers mainly with landmines.

Taxpayers from the USA, Britain, and other NATO countries and from the Gulfies were very generous in funding the dozens of terrorist groups in Syria, most are of foreign terrorists imported from all around the globe from Australia and Indonesia to Canada and the USA throughout the Arab world, the Caucasian Central Asian countries, and Europe. A former top Al Qaeda commander said during his days in the early 90s: ‘I was in charge of a camp of 120 men, we were spending thousands of thousands (of dollars).. food, drinks, weapons, munition, training’, he added in a televised interview a few years ago: ‘imagine how much this ISIS is spending,’ and we’re not counting the different other terrorist groups of Nusra Front, Jaysh Islam who ran between 40 and 60 thousand terrorists, Turkestan Islamist Party (Chinese Uighurs), and the endless number of other terrorist groups.

All that just to kill and maim the Syrian people who refused to be subdued and ruled by a US-puppet regime that will sell out their country and their lives to western corporations to be fed GMOs and be herded into mega prisons or shot dead by their police ‘democratically’.

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