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Traitor Kurds Massacre Syrian Security Members


This & only this is the flag of the Syrian Arab Republic.

The traitorous and treacherous faction of Kurds who are funded by the US today massacred members of the Syrian Arab Army military security. At 0930, Saturday 8 September, 13 personnel were slaughtered in an ambush in Qamishli city of the Syrian province of AL-Hasaka. These terrorists have illegally put their hands on the Syrian province Al-Qamashli and have been trying non-stop to depopulate the area from its Syrian citizens. 

Liters of blood of the Syrian martyrs….

Loyal to their US sponsor, the armed factions of Kurds have imposed the Kurdish language in Syrian schools they occupy, removing Arabic which is our national language. They have stolen the harvests of Syrian farmers and prevented them from sending needed wheat to other regions of Syria.

Syria welcomed Kurdish refugees and granted them Syrian nationality. In gratitude, many have rewarded Syria’s kindness with treachery and atrocities.

Every country has one military and every country’s law enforcement is run by the lawful government. Because of their support from the west and Israel, these killers are so arrogant that they claim to have their own military (“YPG”) and their own police/security force (“Alashayes”). But they are terrorists who steal from our people and murder our military. UK today had a woman running around with a knife and the British police and military put all of Banesbury on lock down, for this one knife. Yet UK also supports the Kurds terrorism against Syria.

Some days ago in Germany news reported about a “Syrian” named Alaa Alsheikh who attacked a German man; however they didn’t tell the truth that he is Kurdish and was living in Syria. If you check his Facebook page you’ll find out that he asks for “greater Kurdistan” and announces he loyalty to Barazani! Germany also supports armed terrorists in Syria including this faction of the Kurds.

Our Syrian military security patrols were making the rounds in the province when these armed terrorists ordered them to lie on the ground and when they refused they opened fire on them. Thirteen were martyred and 8 were wounded and kidnapped, taken to an unknown place.

Terrorist Kurds killed our soldiers and dumped their bodies onto a truck, while killers walked around and other demons took photographs.


Imagine American soldiers slaughtered in the US, their bodies dumped & the world writing about “moderate American opposition.”

Likely this horrible ambush was coordinated. Yesterday there was a massacre in Mhardeh in the countryside of Hama at the same time that Idlib terrorists launched several missiles on our soldiers’ positions in the countryside of Lattakia.

But you will not hear the truth in the western media; all they care to spread now is their lies about the alleged chemical attack in Idlib to have a propaganda story to bomb Syria to protect the terrorists they back. But the real crimes against our people by those terrorists is not a matter for them  — and those in the UN put cotton in their ears so they can’t hear the voice of truth.

There will be no Kurdistan in Syria. There will be no “Kurdish autonomous region.”


The names of our martyrs killed by these Kurds, and their home regions:

Peace be upon you. God is patient with the heart of your loved one.

— Afraa Dagher

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