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Kurdish SDF Terrorists Kidnap Syrian Civilians in Deir Ezzor and Hasakah

US forces helicopters in Syria support Kurdish SDF terrorists

The Kurdish SDF terrorist with the backing of the Joseph Biden forces illegally deployed in northeast Syria kidnapped a number of civilians in the provinces of Deir Ezzor and Hasakah.

Local sources said that the SDF terrorists raided the houses in the villages of Al Dardarah, Al Tash, and Soleiman Sari, the US-sponsored terrorists kidnapped 6 young men taking them to an unknown location.

Simultaneously, the Kurdish separatist SDF terrorists backed by the Biden forces helicopters stormed the homes of the civilians in the Al Zar village in eastern Deir Ezzor province and kidnapped a number of civilians taking them to unknown locations.

The Kurdish SDF separatist groups kidnap civilians in the regions they’re deployed to use them as cannon fodders in their quest to Israelize large swaths of lands in northern Syria they occupy with the help of their patrons of the US forces, the men are taken to concentration camps to be militarily trained then they are used to protect the Biden forces convoys stealing Syrian wheat and oil and as soldiers in their groups to fight against the Syrian army and against Turkish-backed anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood herds loyal to the Turkish madman Erdogan.

Syria hosted waves of Kurdish refugees early last century fleeing from the Ottoman and later Turkish oppression, sheltered them, and allowed them to build homes within the Syrian towns and villages, not in tents in concentration camps in the open deserts as how the Syrian refugees are now being treated in the neighboring countries. The grandchildren of those refugees are now displacing the grandchildren of the people who hosted them and are oppressing the Syrian people in regions under their control, hence the term Israelize.

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    US army in Syria not only steal Syrian wheat and oil they also protect the Kurdish terrorists to steal Syrian land and turn it into another Israel..

  2. Greg Casey

    The British published an Ethnographic Map of Eastern Anatolia, NW Iran, Iraq & Syria (incl today’s Lebanon) in 1912 prepared following intensive research conducted by a gentleman named Maunsell and his team. That Ethnographic Map discloses that there were NO Kurds within the borders of present-day Syria at that time apart from the seasonal presence of migratory Kurds following their animals around in a small area to the NW of Raqqa. Apart from them and a tiny population on the banks of the Tigris where the present-day borders of Iraq, Syria and Turkey come together there were NO Kurds in Syria in 1910 – 1912. The Colonial French as part of their Mandate with the League of Nations prepared an up-to-date Ethnographic Map of Syria & Lebanon in 1934 which disclosed that the Kurd population of Syria remained much as had been the case in 1912 apart from a new small settlement just inside the Syrian Border from Turkey named Qamishli which was founde in 1924 and which hosted a population of some 125,000 pre-War of which a slight majority were Kurds who migrated across the border from Turkey. As for all of the rest of the lands lying to the north and east of the Euphrates river valley, fact is that Kurds represent, at most, between 25% and 30% of the population, not all of whom want a new Kurd State and who prefer to remain within the Syrian State. Not surprising really given the racist fascist nature of the Israeli-allied Kurds who operate under the thumb of Uncle Joe.


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