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Kurdish SDF Militias Ask the Syrian Army to Protect Ain Issa from Turkey

Ain Issa Raqqa northern countryside Syria

The US-sponsored Kurdish SDF separatist militia asked for help from the Syrian Arab Army to protect Ain Issa in northern Raqqa countryside from an imminent Turkish invasion.

The SDF separatists called on the help of the Syrian Army through the Russian command center in Syria in order to fend off an invasion of the strategic city of Ain Issa after weeks of attacks by Erdogan forces in the Turkish army and its anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood Al Qaeda affiliated terrorist groups.

Three checkpoints with joint Syrian Army, Russian Military Police, and SDF separatist militia will be established one in the east of Ain Issa, another in the west of the city, and the third on the Raqqa – Aleppo international highway.

The Kurdish separatist SDF militia wanted to create a third Israel in northern Syria and connect it with second Israel, the Kurdistan in northern Iraq, and instead had caused massive losses of territories to the NATO Turkish army and its affiliated terrorists in northern Syria from Afrin in the far northwest of Syria to the borders with Iraq in the far east, the Kurdish separatists were acting like a bait to lure in the Turkish armies and then flee their bases when the Turks advance with their terrorists without proper fighting.

Many Syrian analysts believe this was intentional within the US war of terror waged against the Syrian people in order to divide the Levantine country into further smaller pieces in a further continuation to the Sykes-Picot agreement that saw the carving out of Lebanon, Palestine, and Jordan from Syria, and later the Syrian Iskandaron Strip which was given by France to Turkey as if they owned the land. Further dividing Syria into smaller cantons and states help establish the Greater Israel project aka the Greater Middle East project which the Turkish madman Erdogan is a key player.

This latest agreement to establish the joint ‘observation’ point around Ain Issa will put a stop to the advances of the Turkish armed forces and terrorists unless Erdogan wants to declare war on Syria which will destroy what’s left of his country’s fragile economy in a matter of a couple of weeks.

This also indicates that the United States of America is not a reliable ally to any of those it forges relations with, the thing the Kurdish separatists insist on not understanding despite the many times the USA failed them, and the more times the USA failed any of its allies in its military and sabotaging adventures worldwide.

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    The Syrian state should kick the separatists out and far and make this a first step for all the other areas especially the oil fields and access to the agricultural fields, the separatist Kurds are just buying time and serving their NATO masters meanwhile.


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