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Kayseri, Turkey-Bomb Attack Kills 13 of Erdogan Forces Injures 48

image-Kayseri Turkey Blast

A bomb attack against an off duty bus carrying a number of Erdogan forces returning from a military base killed at least 13 of them and left more than 48 wounded as per preliminary reports. The attack took place in the central city of Kayseri, in Erdoganstan (formerly Turkey).

image-Kayseri Turkey Blast
Kayseri Turkey Blast

The wave of such attacks come in line with the people’s resistance against a brutal dictatorship compiling powers in the hands of the sultan wannabe and his anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood party.

Erodgan forces are killing their own people on continuous bases in the southeast of the country causing thousands of deaths and displaced civilians to subdue the Turks from Kurdish ethnicity under the ‘Sultanate’. Infamous former prime minister of Turkey Davutuglo stated his party wants to re-instate the horrible Ottoman Sultanate driving their country to interfere negatively in all neighboring countries and smuggling tens of thousands of terrorists into southern Syria causing the worst humanitarian crisis since the US led invasion to Iraq more than a decade ago.

Erdogan is always using a failed coup against his dictatorship to silence his opponents and had thrown in prison leading community members, parliament members and political party leaders, editors in chief of prominent newspapers and had turned his country into the biggest prison for journalists in the world.

Kayseri Turkey Blast

Turkey, once a secular government, had turned into ‘Erdoganstan’, a radical hotbed for anti-Islamic Wahhabi Sex Jihadi terrorists imported from all sides of the world to be used as tools to carry out attacks against neighboring countries, stealing whole factories, wheat from silos, oil from oil wells and wrecking havoc wherever they infest. Erdogan’s radical stance has revived strife among Muslims all over the world especially between the two major Islamic sects Sunnah and Shia, using his Wahhabi ideology.

rabid erDOGan
‘Erdogan thinks he’s a Caliph’~ Syrian president Dr. Bashar al-Assad

Seems the horror he grew is coming back home.

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