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Jordan a Real Threat to Syria and the Whole Region


As much conservative as I’ll try to be, but this cannot be except an analysis of a repeated stunt carried out by the West through Jordan against Syria and to help the Zionist entity of foreign settlers achieve their secured ‘Jewish State of Israel’.

Important info by a prominent Syrian activist and strategic analyst.
Important info by a prominent Syrian activist and strategic analyst.

‘Important: US has deployed large ground force in Jordan; Syrian Army moving south rapidly towards the border. An Israeli aircraft shot down over Golan Heights after approaching Syrian airspace. Russia has called for general mobilization.’

If this means anything it means the pieces of the game are falling apart as we warned since about 2 years ago: French & US Intelligence Chemical Weapons False Flag in Syria Exposed: The end result as the culprits plot it in the western ‘intelligence’ dark rooms is a ‘substitute nation foe Palestinians in Jordan’ after a bloody civil and borders war dismantle the desert fiefdom.

Meanwhile it’s also expected that Erdogan, the mad president of Turkey who “thinks himself a caliph” [as Dr. Bashar Assad described him] will interfere on several fronts in northern Syria to try to chop off as much territories his mercenary army can. Do note that any confrontation with Turkey would drag the involvement of other NATO member states and Hallelujah, mini Armageddon takes place.

Problem with above scenario put by the western ‘intelligence’ agencies, they always plan based on their armies capabilities ignoring any consideration of the capabilities of their foes. Western bankers and economies badly need a massive war to lift up their ailing economies with a chance to wipe out their astronomical figures of debts (to whom?), further the sphere of power of their One World Bank. ISIS, proved to be a perfect machine they’ve created to spread fear, sow chaos and weaken their enemies as well as good for propaganda to pull the legs of hesitating nations into the conflict like the case of Jordan and Japan recently. Regional conflicts will make sure the world is busy elsewhere, just wait a significant sign.

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