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US and Jordan Step Up Training of Syrian Terrorists & Islamists

Bands of Rebels

According to the latest reports by e.g. the Washington Post, the US administration and Jordan have increased their training programs for the Syrian terrorists and religious fanatics who fight in Syria against the secular government under President al-Assad.

It is no surprise that the program for the training of these so-called “Syrian rebels” has accelerated after the last weeks and events. In addition, the radical fighters and armed Islamists were able to seize a stretch of the Jordanian-Syrian border in the recent days near the Golan Heights and the main border of Syria with Jordan.

Of course, Jordan does what the US administration wants them to do – since many years now. This is already a fact and thus it is no surprise that Jordan helps to train and arm the terrorists in Syria for many months now.

The Washington Post mentions some officials from Jordan and the United States in their latest news about the accelerated training program for the radicals and religious fanatics. According to these officials, these armed Islamists and mercenaries may be used in order to establish a so-called buffer zone along the southern border of Syria.

This buffer zone could then be used to crease so-called durable “safe havens” for defectors from the Syrian Arab army. To be honest, this is not completely true and a bit propaganda. In fact, such a buffer zone can be used for many things and will not help to decrease the level of violence in Syria.

According to Jordan’s security officials, who are just serving American interests (some would even say, they are serving Israeli interests) the previous schedule to complete training of about 3,000 officers of the radical “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) by the end of June has been accelerated. Thus, it is planned for the end of this month – after the victories of the mercenaries and fighters of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) at the Jordan-Syrian border.

The article by the Washington Post also mentions the threat that so-called “moderate rebel forces” might be overtaken by extremist fighters and brigades of e.g. al-Qaeda, thus, by Islamists who fight for an Islamic state in Syria. This is truly funny because this happened already since the beginning of this so-called “uprising”, which has never been peaceful, unlike the many propaganda reports by Western outlets.

One of the US masters of the Jordan authorities was also cited by the Washington Post. This so-called American diplomat in Jordan said that “the last thing anyone wants to see is al-Qaeda gaining a foothold in southern Syria next to Israel. That is a doomsday scenario”. This is interesting in the sense that the US diplomat covers the fact that some Western countries were supporting these fighters since a long time now and never have been able to really control who gets all the arms.

In addition, there are no real “moderate rebel forces” fighting in Syria anymore. They are all guilty for many deaths, were already overtaken and so on. Of course, this name is just used for propaganda purposes like the name “moderate Islamists” for the corrupt and rotten Muslim Brotherhood.

The head of the Amman-based Center for Strategic Studies, Mahmoud Irdaisat, said that such buffer zones on the Syrian side of the border would be the only way to keep the fighting and conflict away from Jordan.

One might add, that the conflict could stay away from Jordan if Jordan would not have been interfering in this conflict since the beginning and if Jordan would not support, train and even arm these terrorists – to serve their masters in Israel and America. Buffer zones on the Syrian side? This is just following the old known plan to remap the Middle East and especially to divide Syria.

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