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Syria: Jordan Slammed for Supporting al-Qaeda

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The Iranian military’s top brass has correctly slammed the Jordanian US slaves for facilitating the infiltration of al-Qaeda terrorists into Syrian territory. Jordan slammed for supporting al-Qaeda and this is not only true, but also a very dangerous act by the Jordanian leadership.

That the Jordan proxy regime was criticized for aiding al-Qaeda terrorists is not only correct, but was already about time. It is known for a long time already that the so-called Jordanian king is nothing else than just another willfully proxy thug of the US administration and thus it is just logical that Jordan aids the al-Qaeda thugs in their terrorism against the secular state of Syria – not only because al-Qaeda was originally created by the United States, but also because of the reason that such religious fanatics and thugs are helpful human resources to perform such a proxy war (proxy terrorism?) against an unpleasant government of a sovereign state in the Middle East.

Of course, many of the al-Qaeda thugs are just what they are – uneducated fools, religious fanatics and jihadists who never learnt the means of logical thinking. Just some of their so-called leaders are a bit smarter than their jihadist resources.

The Iranian military’s top brass said that the fact that Jordan opens its borders for al-Qaeda to massacre citizens in Syria has “sharply reduced the credibility of the country in the eyes of Muslims”. The Iranian Armed Forces Chief of Staff Major General Hassan Firouzabadi also said that Jordan has chosen their military cooperation with al-Qaeda due to its erroneous assessment of regional conditions on Wednesday.

The Iranian Armed Forces Chief of Staff Major General Hassan Firouzabadi believes that Jordan`s military actions strain the Arab world and also threaten the interests and aims of the Muslim Ummah.

Protest against FSA in Homs
Protest against FSA in Homs

The Iranian general also noted that the Arab League would consider the Syrian crisis to be a political one, while Jordan is, as stated by the Syrian government, indeed playing with fire due to their allowance for the United States and other European and Arab countries to train the al-Qaeda terrorists and other criminals on their territory for the fight against the Syrian people and the government in Damascus.

The Syrian government has warned the Jordan leadership on April 4 that they are “playing with fire” and that they will not succeed in the overthrow of the Syrian president. Some European governments, the US administration and its regional allies including such totalitarian regimes like Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey are reportedly giving financial and military support to the militants, jihadists and thugs.

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