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Jordan Appoints a New Diplomat at their Embassy in Damascus

Nassib Border Crossing - Syria - Jordan - Daraa - Map by Central Media

Jordan appointed a new Charge d’affaires at their embassy in Damascus, as per the Jordanian minister of foreign affairs, who also insisted his ‘country will not monitor or take control of the al-Tanf base after the US withdrawal’.

Ayman al-Safadi, the Jordanian minister of foreign affairs said the appointing of his country’s Charge d’affaires at the embassy in Damascus is a ‘step within their efforts to end the Syrian crisis due to the need of an Arab role to achieve a political solution in Syria’.

Syria never asked for an Arab role and rejected offers from the Arabs to send an application asking for rejoining the Arab League.

Syrian president Bashar al-Assad told the visiting envoy of Saudi Arabia last month: ‘Syria didn’t resign its post at the Arab League and didn’t boycott the Arab states, those who ejected Syria from the Arab League and boycotted Syria have to reinstate Syria in the Arab League and re-establish their ties with Syria’.

Syria President Bashar Assad Receives Sudan President Omar Bashir in Damascus
Syria President Bashar Assad Receives Sudan President Omar Bashir and accompanying delegation in Damascus

If Syria does not accept to rejoin the Arab League, the organization will be doomed to dissolving sooner than expected, if Syria, however, does accept an invitation by the Arab member states of the A.L. to rejoin, the organization will be given a much-needed lifeline.

The Jordanian minister insisted ‘Jordan did not close its embassy in Damascus and has not closed their borders with Syria, ever’. We’re not sure what does the minister mean by not closing the borders, maybe he’s referring to the free movement granted for terrorists to enter Syria from the Jordanian border side. Ordinary Syrians weren’t able to move as freely between the two countries.

Jordanian-supervised terrorists were controlling the Nassib border crossing between the two countries until the Syrian Arab Army cleaned the borders and restored it to the Syrian Customs authorities last July 2018. Jordan stalled the reopening of the crossing until October 2018, and even after that was deliberately harassing Syrian trucks exporting produce from Syria.

Jordan ‘will not monitor or take control of al-Tanf base after the US withdrawal’, the Jordanian minister who was speaking in an interview with Sputnik said, referring to the illegal military base established by the US troops to protect ISIS in southeast Syria.

Rukban Concentration Camp for Syrian Displaced Refugees - al Tanf
Rukban Concentration Camp for Syrian Displaced Refugees

The hesitant Twitter-in-Chief at the White House stated he wants his forces in Syria out of there in 6 months, last summer, extended one more month, then he gave a Tweet order to withdraw immediately and then changed his mind again to withdraw but without specific timing. It seems like he subdued to pressure by the Pentagon to allow the killing of some of those US troops in Syria to justify another US fail adventure in the Middle East for the sake of Israel’s welfare.

Jordan had played a vital negative role in harboring US-sponsored terrorists of all sorts fighting the Syrian people. It hosted the MOC operation room in Amman which was responsible for coordinating ISIS, Nusra Front, Faylaq Rahman, Jaysh Al-Islam and other FSA groups in their crimes and massacres against Syrians.

Among the terrorists who Jordan was facilitating their movement are the White Helmets removed from Syria by Israel who remain in Jordan until now, as per the Jordanian minister in the same interview. White Helmets is the trash collecting and propaganda arm of Nusra Front (aka Al-Qaeda Levant).

The Jordanian minister cried the fact that his country was tricked in accepting the White Helmets unwanted terrorists in his country based on promises from Western countries to accept them among their citizens. The minister’s words: ‘We are still insisting on our position not to allow White Helmets members to stay in Jordan and we will not deal with them as refugees’.

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  1. Stefan Heuer

    I am not Syrian, therefore I am not sure about if and to what extend Syria would need the Arab League, a club of nations disrespecting the palestinian cause but, instead, bowing to “israel”, the genocidal killer of Palestinians, the EU and the USA. What should Syria expect to gain from a membership in a club dominated by lucky poodles of western terrorism?

    • Arabi Souri

      That’s what we explained and that what the Saudi envoy, Sudanese president, heard from Dr. Assad.
      We’re not in any hurry to join them, and they need to send a request to ask Syria to retake its seat, and at that time we’re not sure whether Syria will accept the invitation.

  2. K

    To hell with this Arab league…Syria does not need to be a part of these poodles of the U.S.
    As for Jordan, Bahrain, Saudi and all the other gulf imbeciles ….what audacity and no shame…they can all forget about reconciliation with the Syrian nation.
    Syria will probably never forgive or forget the treachery of these parasites.


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