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Al-Jazeera and its Role in Egypt: Resignation of Reporters Continues

The Resignations of the Al-Jazeera journalists in Egypt continue and Fatima Nabil, Karem Mohamed, Ahmed Abdul-Roauf from the Al-Jazeera Mobasher (live station) office in Egypt have joined the list of resigned journalists from the Qatari satellite channel, which is already known for its suspicious one-sided role in the coverage about the Syrian conflict.

Some reporters and correspondents of the Qatari satellite channel Al-Jazeera have already resigned due to its false reporting and one-sided coverage of the events in Syria, while it is known that the false reports were published and broadcasted by the Qatari channel since the beginning of the problems and conflict (let`s call it a proxy war and the implementation of the Salvador option in order to overthrow the secular government and to implement chaos and bloodshed) in Syria.

Beside the now former Al-Jazeera journalists Fatima Nabil, Karem Mohamed, Ahmed Abdul-Roauf from the office in Egypt also Hatem Farid, Osama Radi, Alaa Ayouti and Shehata Awad from Al-Jazeera finally joined the list of resigned reporters and this is a clear sign that something really stinks in the offices and reports by this Qatari news and satellite channel.

These reporters followed the already resigned (former) Al-Jazeera reporters Wissam Ibrahim and Hajjaj Salama. Hajjaj Salama was working for Al-Jazeera in the beautiful Luxor and Wissam Ibrahim was the known correspondent of the Qatari propaganda channel Al-Jazeera in the Egyptian capital, Cairo.

The resignations due to the false reporting and dubious coverage by Al-Jazeera would be a surprise but after the role of Al-Jazeera in terms of the Syrian conflict and after knowing that Al-Jazeera is just the mouthpiece of the totalitarian dictatorship of Qatar, these recent resignations are no surprise at all.

It is to expect that the resignations of the journalists who are working for the Qatari propaganda channel Al-Jazeera in Egypt and especially in the capital Cairo will continue. The reporters have all resigned in protests of the provocative policy and the “non-professional” coverage of the partly violent events in Egypt. In addition, the resigned reporters and correspondents of the Qatar propaganda station Al-Jazeera also stated, that they resigned in protest of the attempt by Al-Jazeera to ignite sedition among the Egyptian people.

Propaganda Al Jazeera (Pic from Syria, Aleppo)

Also several Egyptian journalists have already demanded that the crew of Al-Jazeera gets expelled from all the press conferences by the Egyptian army and the spokesmen of the Egyptian Interior Ministry and the further official events in terms of press events.

There is also the launched campaign by the Egyptian “al-Watan” newspaper Majdi al-Jallad. The campaign demands the act to delete the channel(s) of the Qatari propaganda station Al-Jazeera from the satellite receivers in all houses and flats in Egypt – because of the dangerous role of Al-Jazeera in igniting sedition and even violence among the Egyptian people.

Certainly also due to the false coverage and news by Al-Jazeera. There are probably also some people out there who would support a campaign to completely delete Al-Jazeera from the planet.

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