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Jailed and Raped for Not Fasting by AlNusra Front Jihadists


AlNusra Front continues its criminal & shameful behavior towards the Syrian people and Muslims everywhere. Right after the story of banning croissants in Aleppo the story of jailing and raping all who breaks fasting during Ramadan, women or men, started in AlBukamal town in Deir Ezzor.

AlNusra Front have issued an order to all its fighting battalions, from the beginning of Ramadan, to imprison anyone who breaks Ramadan fasting. We were able to reach Jassem R., a 24 years old man, who gave us a copy of this order (seen below). He also told us what happened in AlNusra Front prisons, how those who didn’t fast were treated.

“While I was lying on the banks of the Euphrates, after swimming to alleviate the heat, I lighted a cigarette. And while I was smoking, AlNusra Front cruiser passed by, the Jihadists asked me why I wasn’t fasting, I tried to tell them I was sick, but they started to beat me up and then forced me into the car and took me to one of their prisons in AlBukamal. There I was beaten up further, tortured and flogged. Later two of them took turns raping me, one of them was the jailer.

This went on until some of the town’s most influential men interfered for my benefit, saying AlNusra Front’s Actions actions are shameful and disgraceful to Islam and Muslims.

Unfortunately, many who are supervising those crimes are actually from Deir Ezzor, there are some Arab Sheikhs who issue such Fatwas. While I was in the city I’ve heard many similar stories, many who suffered like I did, men and women. But most are keeping silent because they’re afraid for their reputation and are afraid to death of AlNusra Front.

I just wish from all of my heart for the Syrian Arab Army to enter AlBuKamal, and regain it from this trash that claims to be Muslim. Just wish for it to be freed like AlQusayr in Homs.”

Jassem now resides in the Syrian capital Damascus, after his family escaped AlBukamal and the family have decided not to go back until their town had been liberated by the Syrian Arab Army.

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Arabic source: AlKhabar Press

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  1. Arklight

    Forcible rape is punishable by death, right? Okay, here’s the deal – – when any of those swine is caught and positively identified, liberally coat, with K-Y Jelly, a bayonet, then jam the bayonet right up the swine’s wazoo.
    Western governments are funding, and arming, those ratbastards, which tells you all you need to know about those governments. Let’s go play ‘cowboys and al-Nusra’.

    • Fadia

      you wouldn’t say so if you read any of the above, those Jihadists aren’t doing what the prophet ordered, they’re doing what a couple of wacky Arab Wahhabi Sheiks ordered.

  2. Intezar

    Actually Salfis are gay only . They were raping a boy in fasting . It means they themselves not fasting . Let Hezbollah come to finish these bastard .


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