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H.E. Jaafari Addresses Reality at UNSC Meeting on ‘Transitional Justice’

Bashar Jaafari Syria ambassador to the UN UNSC Geneva

His Excellency Bashar al Jaafari breathed reality into the UNSC Human Rights High Commissioner meeting on ‘Transitional Justice,’ 13 February. The assemblage was brought together, according to the UN, “amid calls for the Security Council to take decisive approaches to conflicts in concert with other United Nations bodies.”

Who made those calls was not stated, though the claim had a surreal, lingering odor of voices heard by Mark Lowcock, back in early 2018, when he addressed the UNSC via telecommunications. For eleven minutes he spoke of [terrorists’] voices from Eastern Ghouta, which he projectile puked onto the meeting, after which the diplomatic attendees thanked him for his ”on the ground” report from the terra firma of Switzerland.

The UN’s reputed liquidity problems have not resulted in austerity ‘belt-tightening’ measures of removing some of its many “bodies.”

The ‘transitional justice’ meeting appears to have been called to demonstrate that the UNSC is fulfilling the vague mandate of UNSCR 2282 (2016). This resolution expressed “deep concern about the high human cost and suffering caused by armed conflict,” while pretending that weapons fall into the hands of terrorists, like manna from the heavens, and generally in hot spot regions of the world near to where NATO UK, NATO US, NATO France have set up military bases, with, or without, the permission of various countries.

This 2016 Resolution appears as if ‘make work,’ akin to Capitol Hill’s impeachment time-user, while US infrastructure continues to crumble, akin to London police detaining suspects who ‘misgender,’ while violent knife crimes continue to plague the city.

More than two dozen persons offered statements to the fifteen-member Security Council. Though the scripts were mostly the same, a few persons attempted to stand out from the tedium. One speaker played the bathos card, describing the unquantified, nearly impossible suicides — plural — of persons who “died hitting their heads against police filing cabinets,” for whom “inquests held under the apartheid system found nobody responsible…” (such bathetic description has a tendency to diminish the deaths of torture victims, and the deaths of those who chose suicide over torture, and politically-driven imprisonment).

Britain’s Karen Pierce — who will be leaving the UN to become the UK’s ambassador to the US, without appearing to have ever read Geneva/ICRC international law related to hospitals in conflict zones — uttered the magic Natospeak words, “inclusive and nationally owned.” This is Natospeak, useful in identifying NATO satraps around the planet, and the good behavior of those satraps.

The dame noted Britain’s interest in “accountability for conflict-related crimes” as “so important for peace and security” (unlike the trivial situation of Iraq, whose 1.5 million deaths have not warranted “accountability” from Tony Blair). She appeared to call for the NATO-UN faction to cast a bigger net “to deal with wider social and economic injustices,” lest “achievements” be “reduced to little more than lip service.”

Alas, Pierce’s concern for “economic injustices” was glaringly negligent and/or hypocritical, in imperialist style. She did not mention the illegal, unilateral coercive economic terrorist injustices inflicted upon countries whose sovereignty UN-NATO wishes to destroy. That “sanctions” must be applied via UN Security Council Resolutions, has not stopped NATO member states from inflicting them on other member states such as Syria, Venezuela, and Iran.


His Excellency Jaafari began his statement by noting that justice is the cornerstone of the UN Charter, written to promote peace and stability, for all, and equally, without discrimination.

Dr. Jaafari then pointed to the elephant ignored three-fifths of the permanent members of the UNSC, and by the House Servants obedient to those three-fifths.


Dr. Jaafari pointed to that elephant and emphatically stated that the reality of the actions of the UN-run counter to the Charter’s noble principles. Certain governments [the dominating NATO alliance] with axes to grind against the sovereignty of certain member states flout these principles. They violate the Charter, besmirch it, in order to impose their unilateral vision [of domination in targeted countries] on the framework of the United Nations, in flagrant disregard of its “guiding principles.”

UNSC United Nation Security Council - Syria NATO USA UK France Russia China

He noted that certain governments use their political-military and economic influence in an “unprecedented way” and that this introduction of such “contentious concepts would negatively affect the future” of the UN.

Diplomat Jaafari warned against the transformation of the Charter mandate of promoting peace and stability, into a call for [criminal] universal jurisdiction and [deadly] responsibility to protect. The intrepid ambassador unflinchingly declared to this UNSC gathering that the UNGA resolution which created the unprecedented IIIM breached the Charter.

The “Triple I,” a.k.a., “Mandate” against the Syrian Arab Republic breaches the UN Charter.
It also permits the incestuous machinations of NATO countries to engage in war criminal propaganda: The gang funds NGOs. NGOs find persons to report lies. NATO stenographer journalists report on the lies of paid liars.

The Syrian Arab Republic never asked the UNSC / UNGA for ”technical assistance” in matters of Syria’s jurisprudence, which is sovereign.

Dr. Jaafari again invited this UNSC members to take back their human garbage, causing them to remember, and immediately re-ignore, that more than one hundred of their countries — and every country of the EU — have dumped their criminally insane into his country, and have armed them, and then have given these savages these countries’ massive media platforms, including via the UNSC.

Syria News reminds our readers that in early 2014, the Obama State Department imposed on Ambassador Jaafari a mobility restriction of 25 miles/40 kilometers radius from the UN. This was done to censor his successful cross country town hall meetings which countered the US’s anti-Syria propaganda.

The censorship restriction has been continued by the fake swamp drainer POTUS Trump, who seems to have made habitual his huffing on those swamp fumes.

Miri Wood

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