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Italy and Iran: Cooperation to Fight the Drugs Trafficking

drugs trafficking

The Italian Ambassador in Tehran, Iran, Luca Giansanti, made the demand to enhance the cooperation between Italy and the Islamic Republic of Iran in order to ensure better fight the smuggling of narcotics and drugs in both countries and such a cooperation would be also good for Syria and the Syrian fight against the smuggling of drugs through its borders.

Syria is recognized and known as a country that is free of the planting or production of drugs and even the international community says nothing else about Syria.

This makes Syria different to some countries in the region and sadly, Syria is used by some criminal groups as a crossing country among these states that have problems with the local planting and markets for drugs and narcotics. In addition, there are some governments that even benefit from the production of drugs on the soil of their states.

The Iranian anti-narcotics police chief Brigadier General Ali Moayyedi met with the Italian Ambassador Luca Giansanti yesterday and Mr. GIansanti called in this meeting for a better cooperation in the fight against the smuggling of narcotics and drugs while the Italian Ambassador also hailed the strong interactions between the Iranian police and the Italian Central Anti-Drug Service in the fight against drugs.

The Italian Ambassador said in his statements that Italy would really like to expand the cooperation in the fight against the smuggling of narcotics and drugs and that both states have a long and good history of the cooperation in this regard.

Mr. Luca Giansanti even said that Iran is a flag bearer of combating against drugs in the region and really wants quick interactions between the police forces in terms of the anti-drug fight of the two country to further exchange views and experiences.

The border between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Afghanistan is about 900 kilometres long and everybody can imagine that this common border with Afghanistan is a problem in terms of drug smuggling but not only this, of course.

This border between Iran and Afghanistan has been used as the main conduit for the smuggling of drugs from Afghanistan to Europe – and here, we have Syria and the problem with the smuggling of drugs and narcotics from one side to the other side of the Syrian state.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has spent more than 700 million US-Dollar to seal the borders and to prevent the smuggling of drugs and narcotics to Arab countries, European states and countries in Central Asia.

According to the records, the war on drugs and the battle against the drug smuggling originating from Afghanistan is already guilty for the dead of nearly 4,000 Iranian police officers over the past 34 years.

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