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Israel Bombs Syrian Military Airport Killing Syrian Army Soldiers

Israel bombs Syrian military Ash Sha’irat Airbase - TTayyas Military Airport -Homs

Israel bombed the Syrian Ash Sha’irat military airbase in the southeastern Homs countryside, a Syrian army spokesperson stated adding that the Israeli aggression caused losses in the lives of military personnel.

The Syrian military spokesperson said in the statement carried by Sana:

“At 6:23 p.m. this evening (Sunday, 13 November 2022, the Israeli enemy carried out an air aggression from the direction of Tripoli – Hermel in northern Lebanon, targeting Ash Sha’irat military airport in Homs countryside, our air defenses addressed the incoming missiles and shot down some of them.”

The statement concluded that the ‘Israeli aggression resulted in the killing of two soldiers, the injury of three others, and material losses.

Ash Sha’irat Airbase (known officially as TTayyas Military Airport) was also the target of the unlawful barbaric attack by the regime of the madman Trump in April 2017 whose army fired 60 Tomahawk cruise missiles from the US navy ships against the airbase to aid the US’s largest proxy army of ISIS (ISIL – Daesh) in the region.

Today’s Israeli bombing of Syria marks the first day of forming a new Israeli cabinet by the recycled war criminal Benjamin Netanyahu, a close friend of Russian President Putin.

Israel’s repeated bombing of Syria comes only to aid the US’s largest proxy army of al Qaeda, ISIS, and their derivatives, sadly with the acquiescence of the Russian Federation. The latter has a ridiculous treaty with Israel of non-conflict over Syrian territories, a significant contradiction to International Law and the UN Charter which Russia is trying to showcase its prime respect.

Despite hundreds of Israeli direct bombings of Syrian sites during the past decade, the Russian Federation, a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, has limited their reactions to scattered shy condemnations of the Israeli aggression and has never considered a diplomatic or economic measure against the aggressors, on the contrary, Russia has suspended the delivery of air defense systems to Syria upon Israeli request, the systems were bought by Syria in 2010 and would have saved the country from NATO’s aggressions.

Even when Israeli warplanes used Russian planes packed with Russian military personnel as their human shields to bomb Syria, resulting in the bombing of the Russian Il-20 aircraft resulting in the killing of 15 Russian soldiers onboard, Russia reacted by shipping its 4 decades-old S300 air defense systems to Syria but kept them non-operational.

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    • wpslol

      Russia can’t do much, it is true that it has helped Syria to destroy terrorism in the country and without its help today we will talk about something else, but on the other hand Russia is on good terms with Israel for a historical issue where there are many Jews in Russia, right now there is a sort of neutrality where he tries to mediate to ensure that there is no regional war, on the other side the UN is silent and does nothing, and Israel with the sorry for the fact that the Jews suffered discrimination during the Nazis is protected by everyone, Syria can do little good and right now it cannot bomb Israel outside its borders, but sooner or later Syria will get tired of these bombings and will be forced to buy anti-missile systems from China or Iran (as Russia does not want to shoot down Israeli missiles)


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