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Israeli IDF Terrorists Kidnap an 11 Years Old Palestinian Child in Isawiya

Israeli IDF terrorists kidnap a Palestinian child of 11 years old in Isawiya near Jerusalem

We usually write an introduction paragraph, some text explaining the news we’re reporting supported by some background information and a concluding paragraph.

I don’t think there’s any need to write anything further than watching this video.

Video also available on BitChute:

This is ‘Israel’.

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  1. Spetsnaz Bear

    Can we PLEASE dispense with the demented, Orwellian term “defense” in the blood-thirsty, psychopaths moniker. The child killing/innocent slaughtering terrorist cabal is an ATTACK force.
    A cowardly one at that.
    Time to turn “Hell-Aviv” into a glass parking lot along with all of it Human hating bloodlust warmongering Ashkenazi psychopaths.


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