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Israeli and Western Weapons found in Terrorist Dens in Southern Syria

Israeli and Western weapons found in Damascus and Quneitra countrysides

Israeli weapons and ammunition were among a new cache found in the Damascus southern countryside and Quneitra southwestern countryside, not far from the occupied Golan.

The latest discoveries by the Syrian law enforcement and counter-terrorism units were possible with the help of the honorable local residents and the National Reconciliation Committees helping to clear their areas from killing machines and tools left behind by NATO terrorists who once infested their areas.

The findings include M16 rifles, MG2 machineguns, engineering equipment, explosives, explosive devices, and mines, Iridium satellite communication devices, frequency search devices, and medical equipment and medicines.

The following report by the Syrian News Agency SANA covers some of these findings:

The video is also available on BitChute:

The Israeli direct involvement in supporting terrorist groups in Syria was exposed by the Syrian authorities from the early days of the current US-led War of Terror against the country, at first Israel denied then later bragged about the aid they provide the terrorists including an offshoot group of ISIS under the name Khalid Army which were operating in the southwest of Syria at the borders with the occupied Golan.

This group was responsible for the kidnapping of United Nations observers, terrifying the locals, and attacking Syrian public facilities and Syrian Arab Army units under the cover of Israeli fighter jets and artillery.

The embattled prime minister of Israel Netanyahu was pictured visiting some of the terrorists who were wounded while combatting Syrian soldiers and were receiving state of the art treatment in makeshift field hospitals, the treatment which many US taxpayers would envy them for despite being the ones paying for it from their hard-earned tax money.

For more than 8.5 years, the Syrian people are fighting one of the most vicious wars of attrition used the World’s Largest Army of Terrorists, NATO’s combined force and intelligence, western and regional unprecedented sanctions against a single state, and direct invasion by the USA, Turkey, and some special British, French forces, and some experts from Belgium to help stage chemical attacks to justify further destruction of the country that posed no threat whatsoever for any of the aforementioned criminal countries.

The US-led war of terror against Syria has caused massive carnage in the country, the killing of tens of thousands of civilians and Syrian Arab Army soldiers, the destruction of thousands of factories after the Turkish President Erdogan looted what he could, massive agricultural land burned after stealing its produce, and the internal and across the borders displacement of millions of Syrians, some of which are suffering inhumane conditions held captive by the US forces and their ISIS affiliate group in the Rukban Concentration Camp, for no reason other than to prove the capability of killing by the uncivilized West.

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